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The Jedi Council sent Drok along with three other Jedi, Asaak Dan, Sayar Dun'La and Te Corsa, to aid in the efforts of Anti-Sith alliances which were formed by The Galactic Alliance Remnant and The Empire In Exile, this was all shortly after the death of Darth Krayt. When they arrived at Alliance, they were greeted by Gar Stazi where they began to discuss matters such as the possibility of a joint operation. Regrettably this was cut short as they were interuppted by attack from The Imperial First Coruscant Task Force along with an assassination attempt on Gar Stazi. After the assassin was dealt with before he could harm Gar, Shipman Tealart, Drol and Jedi Master Te Corso boarded their starfighters and joined the battle, helping hold off the Imperal attackers off long enough for the fleet to jump into hyperspace. Effectively getting them to their next rendezvous point.

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