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At W.E.B. DuBois High, a school overrun with corruption, Delayne Masters status as a Grade A student made him a target in the eyes of gang leader Willie Johnson. Johnson, who had learned that Delayne had come into possession of a bus pass, shattered Delayne's glasses and took it from him by force.
Following the scuffle, Yvonne Leslie, Delayne's teacher, tried to comfort him only to end up enraging him even further than Willie had. While making his way to class, Delayne attempted to go to the bathroom only to find two students in the middle of killing a third. 
Frightened for his life, Delayne raced towards his classroom only to find Willie and his gang bringing chaos down on Yvonne's head. Yvonne, who was desperately trying to control the situation, was forcibly pushed over a fallen desk by Willie himself. 
In doing so, Delayne was sent into a rage and when he rushed at Willie with one fist arched back and ready to pound the gang leader's face in, The Uni-Power transformed Delayne into Captain Universe, giving him more than enough power to easily dispatch Willie and his gang as they tried to make a getaway through the halls of W.E.B. DuBois.
Having brought the fight to the school's basketball court, Delayne stood triumphantly atop a basketball hoop while Willie went on about how the powers he had gained would go away eventually and that when they did he would make him pay.
As Delayne pondered Willie's words he came to the realization that he could not rely on The Uni-Power to fight his battles for him and would need to directly overcome his fears and bring Willie down on his own. As he leaped from the top of the basketball hoop, The Uni-Power left Delayne to his own devices and went off in search of its next host.
Even without The Uni-Power at his beck and call, Delayne managed to bring Willie down and rallied together all of the students who were sick and tired of living in fear under Willie's reign until finally his whole gang had been beaten down and were left to face the wrath of Yvonne and Principal Williams.
It is assumed that Delayne's actions purged W.E.B. DuBois High of corruption, for the most part at least, and ushered in a brighter future for students who wished to learn.

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