deadpool_a_k_a_wade_wilson's Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #10 review

Overkill Never Felt So Good

Please don't act like you're not tired of Deadpool he's everywhere from the poster on your comic book shop to the promotion in the back of your comic book and even manages to slip into comics you wouldn't dream he'd be in but through it all we keep coming back why? It's simple really Deadpool is funny case closed, the dude is an issue of Late Night Television and so since is hadn't bin reading the ole Merc with a Mouth i decided to return to my roots by reading this comic. 
I'll start off by saying i officially love Victor Gischler, no disrespect towards Way who's run on Deadpool has bin.... Nice but V.G is like a breathe of fresh air kinda of like a Hot Girl at a Nursing Home he brings life to Deadpool once again making him crack jokes all throughout the comic and leaving DP Fans in a pool of laughter and not only that he stays true to the essence of Deadpools Character what Way was failing to do ( in my opinion)  Artwork was different and sometimes that is good cause i liked it better than the last issues! I say pick up the comic cause DP is Back and better than ever!


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