super_man_23's Deadpool #35 - The Big Bang Space Oddity Conclusion review

Deadpool #35: This Space Oddity Is Over!

So the first round against Id the selfish moon whom is the brother of Ego the Living Planet, didn't go as well as Deadpool had thought. However, with bizarre thinking and enough explosions to make fourth of July look like a barbeque, Deadpool will have to succeed at killing a selfish moon for his sake and also an alien race. It's time for Deadpool to fight on or shut up. Guess which one he isn't going to do? Written by Daniel Way with pencils by Carlo Berberi.

The Good

So the Space Oddity has been okay in some ways. We get to see Deadpool be a hero and actually care about others, in some ways. However, he seems to be doing that a lot lately. With being on the Neo-X-Force who consider themselves to be a darker kind of heroes who get the job done, yeah you can say that Deadpool has done his fair share of good. However, long it will take for Deadpool to get back to his old lone wolf self is a mystery to us all. I am glad that Space Oddity blew over really quickly in this issue. Last issue it seemed to linger and go around the same stuff over-and-over, in this issue Deadpool killed Id clean and simple. I like how Daniel Way's humor on Deadpool gets readers thinking. Like when Deadpool saved two alien civilizations from epic death, on Earth Deadpool would probably be allowed in the Avengers! Okay not the Avengers, but they would take Deadpool more seriously...right?

The artwork was terrific. I like how Carlo does an excellent job drawing Deadpool, his artwork looks a lot like Paco Medina, which has worked on Deadpool multiple times. However, Carlo has his own twist on Deadpool since his artwork is totally different than Paco's which I really respect.

The Bad

The fact that Deadpool married a hippo-alien was weird, and I don't know why Daniel Way adds this creepy humor to Deadpool stories. It seems like it goes to far when adding marriage to an ugly hippo, and then usually Deadpool gives the girl to someone else (thank goodness). Always has been a complaint from me.

The Verdict

This Oddity is over and Deadpool is going back to Earth for the ultimate death Party, most likely. Read it if you must, you can read the previous two issues to catch up on this issue here. Overall this Oddity Review was 4 out of 5
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