twilightthunder's Dead Of Night Featuring Devil-Slayer #1 - One Foot In Hell review

Ultra-Violent Outcast Action!

Danny Sylva is your typical outcast, left behind by the people he loves, his fiancee, his church, his family and such, he returns to fight in USA's Iraq front a broken man. Secretly backed by a reporter that clearley knows stuff that's about to happen. Now when Sgt. Sylva and his men are assigned to answer a distress call from a local warehouse hell silently breaks loose, now those who were on their side are against them. A ruthless mercenary group called Bloodstone (specialized in slaughter) Is working under wraps with a demon named Belathauzer, whose goal is to unleash a new genesis on Earth... This plot is called Xenogenesis...

The Sad Part?

Heaven and Hell are not to be Trusted. Off by one. Danny Sylva must fight the (un)holy war armed with Saram-Sin, his military gear and his rifle!

God this comic book shall rule... It has everything i love, BIG ASS GUNS! FOUL LANGUAGE AND BLOODSHED!!!!
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