Who Is DC's Spiderman

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#1 Posted by Macest128 (806 posts) - - Show Bio

My Guess Is Batman

#2 Posted by The_Tree (8283 posts) - - Show Bio

Sales and villains wise, I'd say Batman.

Personality wise, I'd say Dick Grayson.

#3 Posted by ssejllenrad (12790 posts) - - Show Bio

This may be a weird choice but I see Static as DC's Spiderman both in personality and being in the low-middle class. In popularity, I'm picking Bats cause they're both the poster boys.

#4 Posted by Mutant God (3110 posts) - - Show Bio

Im gonna say Static

#5 Posted by cattlebattle (13681 posts) - - Show Bio

Blue Beetle

#6 Posted by The_Mercenary (2044 posts) - - Show Bio

@cattlebattle said:

Blue Beetle
#7 Posted by sethysquare (3842 posts) - - Show Bio

batman has like 12 books, spiderman has ard 5? Id say sales wise green lantern. personality, static or blue beetle.

#8 Posted by Cosmic_Hobo (61 posts) - - Show Bio

Jaime Reyes

#9 Posted by TheAcidSkull (19710 posts) - - Show Bio


#10 Posted by Ms. Omega (4606 posts) - - Show Bio


#11 Posted by Dark_Vengeance_ (15161 posts) - - Show Bio

Dick Grayson

#12 Posted by Strider92 (16994 posts) - - Show Bio

Static or Nightwing character/personality wise. Batman popularity/sales wise.

#13 Posted by Night Thrasher (3732 posts) - - Show Bio

@TheAcidSkull said:


#14 Posted by Mega_spidey01 (3078 posts) - - Show Bio

@Ms. Omega said:


#15 Posted by Izaiah (5460 posts) - - Show Bio
#16 Posted by AweSam (7392 posts) - - Show Bio

Black Spider.

#17 Posted by Kairan1979 (16928 posts) - - Show Bio

Terry McGinnis. He defeated Joker by mocking him.

#18 Edited by Onemoreposter (4125 posts) - - Show Bio


#19 Posted by clemj (817 posts) - - Show Bio

black spider

#20 Posted by htb106 (1641 posts) - - Show Bio


#21 Posted by JohnnyGat (1580 posts) - - Show Bio

Design - Black Spider - not the New 52 look for sure more on the YJ appearances (those two are the only appearances I know them off)

Popularity - Batman - both are basically the poster boys for their respective publishers

Character - Static - Both very intelligent wise cracking guys what else can you say.

#22 Posted by SandMan_ (4528 posts) - - Show Bio
@DarkKnightDetective said:

Dick Grayson

#23 Posted by Madame_Mist (1325 posts) - - Show Bio

Blue beetle.

#24 Posted by MatchesMalone2012 (23 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd say superman

#25 Posted by TheThe (1767 posts) - - Show Bio

Terry McGinis.

#26 Posted by NewKid (372 posts) - - Show Bio


#27 Posted by giovannile07 (24 posts) - - Show Bio

Black Spider in abilities, but I think Terry McGinnis is pretty close to Peter Parker's back story. Terry and Peter both blame themselves for their father figure's deaths since they weren't there to protect them from the people who killed them and they both seek to find the killer who did it.

#28 Posted by MadeinBangladesh (8911 posts) - - Show Bio
@BlueLantern1995: BLACK SPIDER
#29 Posted by MadeinBangladesh (8911 posts) - - Show Bio

Nightwing, Staitc Shock, Black Spider and Batman.

#30 Edited by The Stegman (27204 posts) - - Show Bio

Popularity wise- Batman 
Personality wise- Static 
Also, OP, it's "Spider-Man" not "Spiderman" respect the hyphen, RESPECT IT!

#31 Posted by FearTheLiving (4656 posts) - - Show Bio

@AweSam said:

Black Spider.

@clemj said:

black spider

This he pretty much was a straight up rip-off of Spider-man only thing is he's a villain. Sort of like how Marvel has Beetle as a Villain but DC has him as a Hero.

#32 Posted by BlackArmor (6138 posts) - - Show Bio

Static would be if DC put more effort behind him

#33 Posted by serpent222 (319 posts) - - Show Bio

@The_Tree said:

Sales and villains wise, I'd say Batman.

Personality wise, I'd say Dick Grayson.

I don't think I could have said it better than this.

#34 Posted by nirbu23 (39 posts) - - Show Bio

black spider

#35 Posted by eliasw123 (23 posts) - - Show Bio

Black spider

#36 Posted by tylerlugowski (118 posts) - - Show Bio

Blue Beetle or Dick Grayson

#37 Edited by cameron83 (7643 posts) - - Show Bio

personality wise i would say dick grayson,and then static.

Ability wise-dick grayson,he moves just like him,can fight like him,has gadgets like he does,only thing is he needs more of a strength feat,maybe with a suit.

OR maybe blue beetle personality wise

those are my 3 options,dick grayson more in abilites AND personality,static in personality,and last is jaime in personality and being based off a bug.

OR black spider,agile,fights crime,uses gadgets including web based ones.

But i mean dick is the closest option,i mean,he copies his enemies,he's fun and awesome,the most athletic person on that earth and can dodge machine gun fire in his sleep AND take out the guns with a gadget,has some strength feats that are great AND can be enhanced bu his suit (new 52),so most likely him,and he jokes around and such,so richard it is,AND he takes command at times when needed,but he is a better fighter and can jump circles around anyone in dc who tries to hit him and tire them out and do flips around them,but my secondary option is static.

For endurance for dick grayson i would have to say that he is extremely acrobatic having done flips around saiko despite being weakened from falling down a multiple storied building,something that i know spiderman does.AND he does have amazing strength feats,and if his suit just increases his strength,then he will be at near spiderman levels in some superhuman aspects for a human).Well most likely it is dick,most likely.

Strength-as a regular person,he is not special and nothing to spider-man,but in the new 52,seeing as batman has his strength increased to what,25,000 pounds and above because of his suit (kinda like owlman from JL:cote,but stronger than that).WELL i think dick grayson,epecially based on some scans in the new 52 shows that his suit does increase his strength,by like what,15000 lbs at most.AND that increases his jumps and there is scans for his increased jumps and increased speed,he should be able to outrun a car and i saw scans supporting all of these.

But SECONDARY,i say static,if its not dick,then it is static shock.Mocks his enemies as well,so yeah,static.

#38 Posted by redskull13 (4 posts) - - Show Bio

Black Spider gets my vote.

#39 Posted by Video_Martian (5562 posts) - - Show Bio

Wally West, Jaime Reyes, Static.

#40 Posted by Gambit1024 (9843 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd say either Kyle Rayner, Static, or Dick Grayson. Spidey's pretty unique.

#41 Posted by Superbat420 (259 posts) - - Show Bio

Black spider...duh

#42 Posted by Onemoreposter (4125 posts) - - Show Bio


#43 Posted by Onemoreposter (4125 posts) - - Show Bio

Ted Kord

He was a character that really didn't get sprung to much prominence until he was "dead." However, it seemed like as soon as he was removed everybody started recognize the potential he had.

Jamie is awesome, don't get me wrong. I like the design, I like the powerset and the back story. I think Jamie Reyes is the Tech Jack/Invincible of the DCU and I dig the type of character.

However, Ted Kord is a completely different type of character and awesome in his own right. Ted is what Peter Parker would become without the super powers. I hope someday TPTB realize that and bring him back.

#44 Posted by growup (523 posts) - - Show Bio

@Strider92 said:

Static or Nightwing character/personality wise. Batman popularity/sales wise.

Nailed it

#45 Posted by growup (523 posts) - - Show Bio

Black Spider looks like a blatant rip-off in that clip. Not saying marvel never rips off DC (cough deadpool), just calling it as I see it.

#46 Posted by cameron83 (7643 posts) - - Show Bio

@Red_Justice: you might wanna hide from fanboys

#47 Posted by chalkshark (1224 posts) - - Show Bio

Firestorm. A high school student is caught in an accident involving radiation that bestows super powers upon him. He adopts a costumed identity, and finds himself in conflict with an array of colorful foes, set against the backdrop of New York City. His supporting cast is drawn both from his family life, and his school life. He has an alliterative name, as well as an adversarial rival in High School. The hero makes witty quips while in battle with his rogue's gallery. The power set may be completely different, but the majority of the core elements went into Firestorm's makeup. Firestorm's creator, Gerry Conway, spent three years writing the Amazing Spider-Man, for Marvel Comics, prior to coming back to DC. Firestorm clearly cribs a lot from Spider-Man, and, at the time, was probably the most Marvel of all of DC's characters.

If, on the other hand, you're just looking for the character who's power set and theme most mirror's Spider-Man, that would be Jonathan Law, The Tarantula. He was a 1940's mystery men who could cling to walls, and incapacitated his enemies with a web gun.

#48 Posted by Black_Claw (3230 posts) - - Show Bio

Definitely, Static or Dick Grayson in terms of personality.

#49 Posted by Batman242 (4862 posts) - - Show Bio

lol its Black Spider :P

#50 Posted by Jasontodd94 (12 posts) - - Show Bio

Black spider is the equialant ofspiderman period. Gigantic ripv off everythong about him screams spiderman attitude style costume idky spiderman sucks

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