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The celebrated pre-Code Crime Does Not Pay comics are finally collected into a series of unflinching and uncensored deluxe hardcovers! The infamous Crime Does Not Pay stories, focusing on criminal scum, nefarious mobsters, and urban legends, made Crime Does Not Pay one of the most popular comics of the 1940s. This series was a favorite target of censors and is partially responsible for the creation of the stifling Comics Code Authority! Revered, influential, and very hard to find, Crime Does Not Pay issues #26 to #29 are collected for your enjoyment and education!

Story Titles

  • The True Life Story of Charles "Lucky" Luciano
  • The Elusive Corpse
  • The Man Who Couldn't Be Killed
  • The Boy Detective and the Butchered Corpse
  • The Mystery of the War Bond Drive
  • Death Gives A Lesson
  • This'll Kill You
  • The Case of the Cross-Eyed Killer
  • The Dalton Boys
  • Crime Kings: Pretty Boy Floyd
  • The Dead-Eye Romeo
  • This'll Kill You
  • The Strange Saga of Rafael Red Lopez
  • Two-Legged Rats: Dimiran the Demon
  • Cut-Throat Cassie
  • The Weird Tale of Mister Destin
  • The Terrible Touhys
  • A Voice From the Grave Cheated the Chair
  • Crime Kings: "Kid" Dropper
  • Touhy Mob Captured
  • Wanted: Husband - Who Won't Object To Being Murdered
  • Mad Murders In Minnesota
  • Hex Horror
  • Dodging Death With Big Bill Longley
  • Whodunnit? The Catnip Club Murder
  • Crime Kings: The Phantom of Fort Wayne
  • The Poison Dove
  • "Two-Gun" Crowley
  • The Count of Gramercy Park
  • The Killer Who Died Laughing
  • This'll Kill You
  • Little Luke Short
  • The Corpse That Would Not Stay Dead!
  • Whodunnit? Be A Detective!

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