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 Jeremiah Parrish was a nineteenth century Catholic priest who came to Romeyn Falls (that would become Astro City) with Cardinal Enzio Grandenetti in 1869, to help him build Grandenetti Cathedral.

He had administrative duties, overseing the importation of material, and dealing with workers, many of them coming from Eastern Europe.

One night,visiting an injured stoneworker in the Hills, he was bitten by a Vampire, left drained of his blood and buried in garbage. Three days later he rose, turned into a vampire himself.

After years of seclusion, hiding in Grandenetti Cathedral, he saw hope in the newly emerging super-heroes such as Air Ace, and following their examples, he became one.

In 1997, he sacrificed himself to expose the Enelsian Alien Invasion, after he has been exposed as a vampire.

He's wearing a Cross on his chest as a mortification, hurting him every instant.

In 2001, the Confessor reappeared in the streets of Astro City, with his former sidekick Altar Boy now wearing the costume of the original Confessor.

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