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The Legionnaire members of the Super-Hero Club of the 30th Century were mighty indeed. The inhabitants of thousands of planets respect these gallant teen-agers who have dedicated their tremendous powers to the defeat of evil anywhere in the cosmos. But one day a new member joined the ranks of the Legion of Super-Heroes. He is sensational, all right. Perhaps even too much so. For overnight, Commando Kid became the lad who wrecked the Legion.

The Legion Of Super-Heroes noticed the super-powered teenager named Command Kid foil a bank robbery. Impressed with his power to command hallucinations, the Legion offered membership to him, and he accepted.

He had a very superior, snotty attitude towards the other members, always mentioning how his powers were greater than his fellow Legion members. He offered to make the powers of the other Legionnaires stronger if they took a pill that would put them in suspended animation, to which many of them accepted. Saturn Girl and Element Lad, who did not take the pill, realized that Command Kid was actually a villain and eventually learned that he was possessed by a demon who's only weakness was gold. They were able to rid Command Kid of the demon, but with that he also lost his super-powers and resigned from the Legion.


Command Kid had the power to command hallucinations.

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