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The tables of Europe cry out for fresh, young horseflesh and B.W. Langtree was more than willing to acquire it for them. By any means necessary.

His talents were not limited to stealing horses, however. He was more than willing to traffic in other stolen goods - luxury cars were a specialty - and for that, he hired three young people just getting their start in crime, Jesse Custer, Tulip and Amy Grinderbinder.

Langtree hired them to move a million-dollar shipment of sports cars across Texas, but their carelessness attracted the law and the cars were all lost. To repay him, he offered them a job transporting stolen horses, which Jesse absolutely refused to do.

When Jesse returned with a retired Texas ranger, Captain Tom Pickett, Langtree and his men captured them with the intent of killing them. He was, however, killed when Jesse Custer escaped, freeing the captured horses. Langtree's head was crushed in the stampede.

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