Booster (Blue and) Gold #21 Spoiler

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With the pulse pounding return of Jaime Reyes in his own  backup story at last.

Booster has gone to go get the photos Batman had from Joker's camera from when Booster time traveled to try saving Barbara Gordon from  the Killing Joke so that BatDick doesn't find out about Booster's heroic exploits. Sadly BatDick ambushes Booster and gets him to squeal but then the two are attacked...

Dundun duh!

Meanwhile at El Paso....

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Did Dan Jurgens do the art on this one?  Looks like his style, not sure. 

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yea he did. The story is by Dan Jurgens and Matthew Sturges. The art is by Dan Jurgens, Norman Rapmund, & Mike Norton

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