Keith Giffen Justice League International

Keith Giffen very successfully re-imagined the Justice League as part superhero comic and part sitcom. It was in this run that most readers were introduced to Booster Gold. It was in this book that the jovial Blue and Gold relationship between Booster Gold and Ted Kord Blue Beetle was formed.


The 2006 year long event book by DC comics placed the focus on many characters who had not been extensively used by DC for a long period. It was within this story that Booster Gold transformed from a selfish joke character to perhaps the most important hero in the DCU.

Geoff Johns Booster Gold

Following up from the massive success of the 52 Geoff Johns had Booster Gold travelling the time stream of the DCU, this provided an opportunity for larger then life stories which where larger then life and yet did not become bogged down by consequences. It was for the most part free of the continuity of the other DC titles and yet featured some great cameo's ranging from silver age flash to Jonah Hex.

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