Comic Book Question of the Week Results: 02/26/13 'Who Should Be Robin?'

#101 Posted by mcbean (308 posts) - - Show Bio

The dead Damian could be a clone ?

#102 Posted by Herx (501 posts) - - Show Bio

Steph and Cassi, no. I know that we're missing them right now, but to see them filling in the tinny *bursts out crying* shoes *keeps on crying* OF DAMIEN! would be disrespectful for all 3 characters. We'll see them reintroduced eventually,

Tim, despite (In my opinion) being the best of the robins, I would not like to see returning to the pixy boots. He's growing as a character as Grayson did before and is becoming red robin, no turning back. (plus the evil grin picture is him apparantly being possessed by something... i duno i haven't picked up titans in a while). Harper i just dont see it. She's good with electrics and was able to discover that batman pretty much maintains the gotham power system with his own system, but that sound more like (and this is because barbra is batgirl now) Oracle than Robin.

Really, if their going for the whole Damien death (i've still got my fingers crossed for a lazerus pit to be turning up), the most logical and respectfull thing would to have Bruce either go solo for a while, or realistically have someone else take the mantle of the bat for a while bruce IS (and this is, unfortuanatly, putting real world situations and rationalization into a comic universe) still in shock from the death of his son, and as far as this universe is concerned the second death caused by his roping in children on his crusade. But really I'm opting for DOC OCC (people dobted that he could be spiderman, so far he's doing a "superior" job of it *snigger*), Michy (holy kawabungas batman!) or Ibn al Xu'ffasch.

#103 Edited by herrweis (489 posts) - - Show Bio

we dont need another robin.let batman has tim,dick and jason and barbara he doesnt need anyone else.i hated damien as a character and idea anyway

and wasnt damien a clone anyway?not like really his son just his dna?

#104 Posted by TheMatch328 (90 posts) - - Show Bio

Here is my view on the situation I believe that Helena (Huntress) should become Robin, if you look at the reaction cover for Worlds Finest you can see a shadow of Batman now I do not read Worlds Finest and I do not know if her and Batman have ever met but I think if they meet in this issue I think Helena might become the next Robin. And my view on Tim becoming Robin is that I do not want to see him loose his wings I am hoping he adds that to the Robin costume if he becomes Robin I think the Robin costume is in need of an upgrade.

#105 Posted by HellknightLeon (74 posts) - - Show Bio

Stephanie Brown. Yeah.

#106 Posted by HellknightLeon (74 posts) - - Show Bio

Wait... I change my vote! I want Carrie Kelly.

#107 Posted by Dedpool (401 posts) - - Show Bio

Stephanie Brown is first choice! But I wouldn't mind seeing Harper Row, or even Tim take the mantle back up.

#108 Posted by sora_thekey (8650 posts) - - Show Bio

C'Mon! Was I the only one who voted for Jubilee??

#109 Posted by The Mast (793 posts) - - Show Bio

I just...I just want my Cassie back.


I thought this'd get more likes than it has (1), and she'd get more votes. Sadface.

#110 Posted by thatlad (701 posts) - - Show Bio

I am disappointed in all the viners who voted for Harper Row.

#111 Posted by WonderHunter (131 posts) - - Show Bio

@ccraft said:

If Damian somehow doesn't come back, I hope there won't be another Robin. It just doesn't make sense that Batman would have another sidekick, his son died. That's the end of the Robins. If Tim went up to Batman saying "Batman needs a Robin" he's going to get punched, in the face!

I was thinking in the same line... beside all the Robins we already have, what happen here was too much. They must have some the nerve if they make the decision to bring other Robin andhonestly, i will be pissed. It's too soon, at least.

#112 Posted by WonderHunter (131 posts) - - Show Bio

@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

Maybe its just time for Batman to be solo for now and make good on Snyder's "Death of the Family" intention...make my Bruce a lone wolf now.


#113 Posted by MightyMODOK (259 posts) - - Show Bio

@ccraft said:

If Damian somehow doesn't come back, I hope there won't be another Robin. It just doesn't make sense that Batman would have another sidekick, his son died. That's the end of the Robins. If Tim went up to Batman saying "Batman needs a Robin" he's going to get punched, in the face!


#114 Posted by sweatboy (892 posts) - - Show Bio

Hahaha Michelangelo? Tim Drake is best Robin though. (Even Stephanie agrees?)

#115 Posted by nxt174 (15 posts) - - Show Bio

azrael should be robin

#116 Posted by ScottyHawkeye (231 posts) - - Show Bio

no one there should be no more robin screw sidekicks

#117 Posted by Kairan1979 (17085 posts) - - Show Bio

I really miss Cassandra Cain.

#118 Posted by Nocturama (10 posts) - - Show Bio

If someone has already mentioned, this I must have missed their post, but Squire will most likely be the new Robin. What with Knight being killed two issues earlier, Batman, Inc. has left Batman without a Robin and Squire without her "Batman" in the very same story arc, obviously Morrison has set it up as a fait accompli. Batman will take in the distraught Beryl Hutchinson, who has often been referred to as the "Robin" of England. Squire even has the meta ability to interpret information by touch, which only enhances her usefulness in detective work and she will probably find herself drawn into a new case while living at Wayne Manor. Of course, despite some initial resistance from Batman, she'll eventually don the Robin suit in one form or another and he'll tell her she's got some big shoes to fill, etc. That is, until...Damian is revived in the Lazarus Pit and comes back EVIL!!!!

#119 Posted by ClintsEvilTwin (76 posts) - - Show Bio

@thatlad said:

I am disappointed in all the viners who voted for Harper Row.

I'm more disappointed in DC for killing Robin again. It's getting old.

#120 Posted by sethysquare (3964 posts) - - Show Bio

stephanie brown must die. that horrible bicth

#121 Posted by apg103 (79 posts) - - Show Bio

Nightwing we all known was awesome. But Tim Drake was the best Robin, period. he was better than Damien as robin. I got no idea what D.C was thinking putting Tim on the back burner, to push Damien as robin. Tim should be robin. Bruce and Damien wasn't even interesting. Damien was a better side kick to Nightwing, he should just be placed in his comic, with another alias, instead of killing him, which everyone saw coming.

#122 Posted by Alton (155 posts) - - Show Bio

Robin as a character has always pretty much sucked so let's see Batman go solo from now on.

#123 Posted by Gordon Kelly (89 posts) - - Show Bio

I think Damian will be Robin again because he cant die. He is inmortal he is just taking a break from his Father- Batman. It would be nice to see Stephanie again as Robin since she was Robin in 2004 and was fired by Batman during the War Games gang series and fake death up to the events of RIP and now. Stephanie would be a good Robin if she douse not get fired by Batman again.

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