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This album celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the creation of Asterix by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo (1959-2009). It appears, apart from the fixed character of the village gala, most characters have appeared on previous albums, which come together to celebrate this great event. Thus, through a series of short stories and gags, we review the history of the character, with various proposals for various characters on how to celebrate the event and celebrated what to give to.

The album begins with a curious re: how would the characters real past fifty years. Thus, situated in the year 1 AD, both Asterix and Obelix as Cacofonix, Vitalstatistix-that is drop-, Fulliautomatix-with dentures-and-half deaf Ordenalfabétix appear aged, with gray hair and some of them , bald. Uderzo then appears himself, who goes to Asterix and Obelix to announce that they have been given would look really at that age. But Obelix furious punches. Thus, new heroes appear Gauls with the usual appearance, and begins the meeting of all the Asterix friends to celebrate the anniversary.

They happen then several comics with proposals to celebrate the event: Mrs. Geriatrix presents some designs of dresses for Obelix, who makes a fashion show, with different costumes from ancient times until today, the last of graffiti. Asterix appears instead as marsupilami, in honor of André Franquin. Then Obelix receives a letter from Panacea, his platonic love for him to learn to read. This piece was originally published as "Obelix: As simple as ABC" in the French magazine Lire to commemorate the forty-five years of Asterix. They also receive many messages as one of Edifis (Egyptian architect who appeared in Asterix and Cleopatra), and a pirate Barbarossa, Pegleg and Baba, who do a scene where they say they are "the kings of the world", obviously inspired by the movie Titanic.

It then presents the Travel Guide Coquelus (manufacturer of wheels appeared on The Chieftain's Shield, trade by which one can deduce that is inspired by the Michelin Guide), which gives an overview of the many trips made by the Gauls Throughout his adventures. Later, Cacofonix wants to organize a musical show X Factor style, while the village women gather intending to find a wife for Asterix and Obelix, but conclude that it is a confirmed bachelors. Note here a cartoon where a portrait of Panacea style of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci.

The following proposal is Anguloagudus, architect of the residence of the gods, who proposes to build a theme park-style our heroes certainly Disneyland Paris. On the other hand, Sarabernardus, theater director appeared in Asterix and the Cauldron, offers a play with the indomitable Gauls as protagonists, entitled're crazy, these Romans! and would be starring Goscinnýrix as Asterix and Obelix Uderzórix like. The following proposal is Prolix, the swindler of the soothsayer, that proposes the creation of a museum dedicated to the two adventurers Gauls appear like a series of drawings inspired by famous works of art: Obelix as Rodin's Thinker, the Gauls in warpath style Liberty Leading the People by Delacroix, the pirate Baba as Munch's The Scream; Justforkix Asterix and the Normans as Courbet's desperate; Asterix Arcimboldo-style compound and Cleopatra as Manet's Olympia, and Julius Caesar as the Napoleon of David.

Finally, there are Julius Caesar and Cleopatra: it asks the Roman dictator who makes a gift to the Gauls, but the conqueror of Gaul is not to reward your enemies, and prepares an amphora of wine with poison, but the ruse is discovered by Getafix. Finally, a cartoon figure showing all the characters giving the happy anniversary Asterix and Obelix.







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