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A quick look at artist Chris Samnee's concept art for the book

A quick look at artist Chris Samnee's concept art for the book

The great thing about comic books are the pictures. Well, that isn't the only great thing about them, but it certainly is one aspect I really love. Sometimes, the art on a book is really truly fantastic and will leave you wondering how the artist was able to so beautifully create such incredible scenes. Perhaps it is because I myself am not exactly the greatest artist, so when I see someone really talented put pen to paper and develop gorgeous images, I am left really impressed. Chris Samnee is one of those artists that I can say I really enjoy. He uses a lot of quick lines and really emphasizes emotion the images and expressions of his characters. When I stumbled upon some of his concept art over at Marvel for SIEGE: EMBEDDED (which was released today), I got really excited. I love it when artists give a narrative of their own work, giving the reader a chance to get inside their brain and really see what they were thinking when they drew the image. Check out some of Samnee's work below.
 Samnee's Ben Urich sketch

Urich has had the same basic look in all of his appearances in the Marvel Universe. Since I'm not one to mess with a good thing, I stuck with his classic khaki pants, tie and trenchcoat look.  I've updated his glasses slightly and really just tried to stick as close to [David] Mazzucchelli's interpretation as possible.


 I've drawn Hawkeye dozens of times in the past but always as Clint Barton. This sketch was my first crack at trying to show Bullseye's face behind the mask.

 Norman Osborn

John Romita's Norman can't be topped. I tried to make him a bit older...maybe a bit darker, but at the end of the day Romita's version is what I think of when I picture Osborn. 


Both of these Venom sketches were an attempt to figure out my take on Venom's size and texture.  His overall design has pretty much stood the test of time but, since my last doodles of Venom were stored in a Trapper Keeper back in high school, I figured it'd be best to come at him from a couple different directions before tackling him on the page.


This is almost exactly as he appears in the series.  I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do him justice when I heard that he'd be in the book, but he's been a surprisingly fun character to draw. Whenever I read Brian Reed's script.   Volstagg's voice in my head sounds like John Dimaggio's Aquaman from the "Batman: Brave and the Bold" cartoon.


If you picked up the issue at your local shop, you may notice that the inks for the interior art for the comic are a lot thicker. The lines are a lot bolder and the images are somewhat less clear when you compare them to the uncolored versions above. If I had to choose which images I preferred, I think I would probably go with Samnees concept art, even though I do feel that the colors on the interior panels of SIEGE: EMBEDDED did do a great job playing with shadows, giving some scenes an almost "noire-sque" feel. What do you think? Have you read the issue? Comparing the images above to the preview images below, which do you prefer? 

Posted by reaper2923

that isn't hawkeye that's wanna be hawkeye

Posted by Sierra Comics Captain

clint better be hawkeye again after siege

Posted by Marshal Victory
you mean hawkbullseye?
Posted by Agent Buttons
Posted by sora_thekey

I agree... getting a sense of what the artist feels when drawing these is amazing! 
Love the sketches... especially Osborn... for some reason this looks waay cooler than most Osborns before!
Posted by crazed_h3ro

Like the Venom Sketch ^_^
Posted by FoxxFireArt

Nice preview.
Oh my, I wonder who on Earth they could be imitating with that announcer?(sarcasm) The only thing missing was the crying. lol Notice that title Todd Keller has on the screen, "AMERICA'S LAST HONEST MAN"? Isn't he indirectly calling his whole audience liars? Always be weary of those calling themselves 'truth tellers'.
I also noticed that the icon for the Patriot News Network. If you switch the red and the blue you have the French flag.
On my devArt page, I tend to like to write about a picture I post. some of the thoughts that went into it, but I often get the feeling that most people don't read it. I can tell when people ask me questions about a picture that is answered in the comments. Nice to know there are people out there that like to read the thoughts behind the art. Wish I had more viewers like you.
I really love art books that show design work. Especially the kind that show inner workings of devices, or environments.

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Venoms butt and legs should be thicker. His arms are bigger than his legs. I do like the thick fingers with the claws. That looks vicious. But there no way his wrists should be thicker than his ankles especially the leg in the front. But if you look at him from the waste up though he is awesome. 
The bulleye as hawkeye picture is great and very hard to do, aside from him drawing the bow with no arrow in it. 

Volstagg's mustache grows from the with of his face to near reaching his shoulder. Go ahead and add one more line to complete the tip so that it doesn't seem to flow into the lines on his beard which make it seem like one long mustache.  
 Osborne is the best picture.   Even his mask carries his personality.
Sorry to criticize but I do it to my own work to. Plus it's only a sketch. I do like the comments for the same reasons as everyone already stated.

Posted by Illuminarch

For all the attention that the two Hawkeyes are getting nowadays, you'd figure all of the artists would be interested to know how a real archer stands, holds the bow, and draws the cord.

Posted by rouju
I think that's Hawkeye thinkin naughty thought before shoot an arrow
Posted by War Killer
@Sierra Comics Captain said:

clint better be hawkeye again after siege

I second that.
Posted by iLLituracy

Volstagg is the new Speedball... :[

Posted by Sierra Comics Captain

as if civil war didnt screw fans over enough. marvel has a new idea,"hey guys lets redo civil war but with norman osborn, asgardians, and other shit Yeah thatll hook the readers." Thanks marvel now i guess volstagg is gonna follow in speedballs footsteps . wear an emo costume that inflicts pain on himself and loses all positivity. 
Edited by LB70145
@Sierra Comics Captain: How did Civil War screw fans over? A true fan would still appreciate the story of Civil War. I myself am a Captain America Fan, yet I did't feel screwed over by the event. I loved Civil War, but Millar does have some issues when he ends big stories (*cough* Old Man Logan *cough*).
Edited by timrothsays

"Hawkeye" sketch is awesome. Ben Urich looks gay

Posted by InnerVenom123

Must.... kill..... Mac Gargan..... and get the Venom that doesn't suck back....
Posted by They Killed Cap!

Has this come out yet...
Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

just read it. im usually adjective with reads, always trying to find something redeemable.
that being said this issue was an absolute waste of time. the characters in those nice sketches arent in the issue
for more than tiny versions showing their backsides in one shot. this was a glorified Front Line issue.

thats literally the whole issue. dont waste your money or time on it.
Posted by Media_Master

Venom looks right.

Posted by The_Warlord

Sweet Venom

Posted by WWAJfan

awsome Venom
Posted by Erik
@Sierra Comics Captain said:

clint better be hawkeye again after siege

Why? He is much more cool as Ronin.