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Check Out SUPERMAN UNCHAINED Comic Gatefold 'Poster'

Jim Lee's action is so immense, a mere page could not contain it all.

There's a lot of talk about the upcoming Man of Steel movie but of course we can't forget Scott Snyder and Jim Lee's SUPERMAN UNCHAINED is also coming out next week.

You may have heard, the issue is going to contained a huge scene. So huge, it couldn't fit on a single page. Jim Lee drew a two-sided gatefold poster within the first issue.

Measuring 11.6875" x 18.875", this poster is part of the story and can also be removed for display. DC has revealed both sides in their full glory.

SUPERMAN UNCHAINED is on sale June 12.

Source: DC Comics


Here's Scott showing just how large it is:

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Edited by XXkaeselXY

DISAPPOINTED!!! I was expecting something much cooler. I guess it's fine... I was just hoping for something a bit more dynamic and less... Awkwardly posed.

Posted by RedLantern23

Pretty disappointed....

Posted by sinestro_GL

Can't come out soon enough!

Posted by Squalleon

Well i didn't expecting much soo...i like it.

Posted by DocLuthorVonDoom
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