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The secret camp where Aneka trains the Dora Milaje.

During "Power" the storyline directly preceding "DoomWar" fighting Mistress

Aneka developed a unique fighting style for the Dora Milaje at the request of T'Challa. This fighting style was made to combat Doombots and ensured that the Dora's would be constantly on the offense without using the same attack twice.

Mistress Aneka also disapproved of T'Challa using magic to aid him in his fight. She found it to be too dangerous and untrustworthy, even going so far as to get into an argument with T'Challa's own sorcerer, Zawavari.


During the events of DoomWar, she led the 500 Dora Milaje against 80,000 Wakandan soldiers in order to help T'Challa and Shuri regain control of

Wakanda from the Desturi. Afterwards, she helped capture some of the remaining Desturi and forced them to reveal some of their plans. Later, she was also present at the final battle against Doom at the border of Latveria and Symkaria..

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