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Albion was originally from an alternate reality (Earth-70518) where World War One started in 1914 but it did not end in 1918.  The battle raged on for another 100 years completely devastating the world as a result.  Albion was a Captain Ranger on his planet, and frequently without weapons, often having to pick up weapons of other fallen soldiers.

Around this time is when Merlyn and Roma came to him and offered him the choice: The Amulet of Right or The Sword of Might.  He chose the Sword, becoming one of the few that ever did.  Roma wanted to remove the power from him; however, Merlyn disagreed and said that as a result his world would suffer.

Albion, fueled with rage toward the both of them, declared vengeance and decided it was finally time to cleanse the world of the violence and despair that has washed over it.  As he was about to kill a Warlord, a member of the Captain Britain corps appeared and asked him not to kill the Warlord.  Regardless, Albion killed him and defeated the member of the Captain Britain corps before revealing his true face.  He then stated that he was going to conquer his world and defeat every Captain Britain due to his hatred to Merlyn and Roma.

Somehow, he found his way to Earth-616, and allied himself with Lionheart, Kelsey Leigh, another person who had chosen the Sword over the Amulet, and began to train her to attack Captain Britain.  However, she failed in her task and Albion was last seen allied with the Shadow X-Men, a group that has previously come into conflict with New Excalibur.  Albion’s plan has yet to come to fruition.

Powers, abilities, and skills

Originally Albion had the same powers as Captain Britain; since collecting a vast supply of alternate reality Swords of Might and Amulets of Right, his Captain Britain powers have expanded.  He also has a great deal more combat experience because he has fought many years in a war.

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