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The Origin of "Tick-Tock" Tyler The Hourman

Chemist Rex "Tick-Tock" Tyler places an advertisement in the local newspaper, offering aid to the downtrodden. Tyler decides to answer the letter from Mary Kenton, whose husband has fallen in with a gang of thieves. Tyler, as the Hourman, stakes out the Beaux Arts Ball. Kenton's husband finds a note, from the Hourman, advising him to give up this life of crime. Under cover of darkness, the thieves steal a string of pearls.

The Hourman swallows a miraclo capsule, activation his super-human powers, for the next sixty minutes. The Hourman pursues the thieves back to their hidden lair. The Hourman subdues the thieves with tear gas, then takes Kenton's husband up to the roof. The Hourman throws Kenton's husband off the roof, then leaps after him, catching him before he hits the ground. Kenton's husband agrees to go back to his wife, and abandon his life of crime.

The Mind-Slave of Fang Gow starring Barry O'Neill, script and art by Ed Winiarski.

Professor Dirk's Crime School starring the Federal Men, script by Jerry Siegel, art by Chad Grothkopf.

Death to the D.A. starring The Sandman, script by Gardner F. Fox, art by Ogden Whitney.

Hassle In Hollywood: Part 2 starring Socko Strong, script by Albert Sulman, art by Joseph Sulman [signed as Koppy].

Singapore Sal starring Steve Conrad Adventurer, script and art by Jack Lehti.

Mansion of Murder: Part 3 starring Rusty and His Pals, script by Bill Finger, art by Bob Kane.

The Dope Smuggler's--Anchors Aweigh!, script and art by Bart Tumey.

The Earth Passage starring Cotton Carver, script by Gardner F. Fox, art by Ogden Whitney.

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