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Adam before the attack and before his augmentations
Adam, near death, after the attack
Adam Jensen was a security worker for Sarif industries. While protecting some scientists, there was an attack by rival augmented soldiers. Adam sustained major injuries making him come close to death. David Sarif himself issued the order to augment Adam's body in order to save his life. As a result, over 50% of Adam's body was replaced with cybernetics. He became an augmented soldier for Sarif Industries after recovery.     
Prior to his work with Sarif Industries, Adam was a S.W.A.T. team member with the Detroit Police Department. A particularly devastating incident while on the force involving augmented children going haywire caused Adam to leave the force. Another member of his squad named Wayne Haas murdered a fifteen-year-old during the attack and underwent an extreme mental breakdown.

Personal life:

Prior to the attack, Adam was romantically linked with Sarif Industries scientist Doctor Megan Reed, who apparently perished during the attack that would transform Adam.


Adam's eye augmentation
Adam has a number of cybernetic enhancements bestowed upon him by Sarif Industries, including: smart vision, vision enhancement, x-ray vision through walls, doors, and cover objects, cybernetic arm prosthesis which provides enhanced speed and strength, rhino dermal armor that reduces injury from fire, electrical, impact, and basaltics, and a cybernetic leg prosthesis which provides enhancements to sprint, jump, and leg strength.  
Adam's iconic arm-blades
Adam's arms are enhanced with retractable arm-blades that are sharpened on either side. They extend much like Wolverine's claws, providing him with a deadly and efficient slashing or impaling maneuver while in close-quarters combat.

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