Can the X-men be balmed for there actions with the Phoniex?

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They were under the influence of the dark-power and still held there morals for a while.

We all know there going to lose the coming battle in issue #12, can they be held accountable?

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Yeah, but im pretty sure nearly every single comic book hero has done something awful and then its just explained away with no concequence what-so-ever.

E.G. Wolverine recently was infested with a Demon/hell, killed most of his kids, tried to blow up utopia in the most idiotic way ever, pretty much advocated the war between Avengers and the X-men and probably much more... and nobody cares - well atleast no body in the Marvel Universe.

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Yes and No.

Yes they should have known better. No because nobody in comics ever faces the concequence of there actions.

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Blame Captain America.

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I am surprised Marvel hasn't given-- the Avengers free reign of the Phoenix.

We all know if the roles were switched and the Avengers had the Phoenix, they wouldn't be blamed for anything.

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i came here because i thought a weird punishment involving either lip balm or embalming fluid was being suggested...

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To a degree, they shouldn't have been naive enough to think the Phoenix would be a good thing, especially after what happened to Jean. However, I think most of the blame should fall to the Phoenix as it corrupted them.

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The actions and decisions made by the X-leadership was already questionable to terrible before the Phoenix possessions. People like Cyclops, Emma, and Namor should take the brunt of the consequences and most of the remainder given a pass for the most part.

It's very hard to assign blame fairly when everyone involved has been written so badly, you almost do not know where to start and what to just ignore as to not ruin the characters anymore than they already have

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@guttridgeb said:

To a degree, they shouldn't have been naive enough to think the Phoenix would be a good thing, especially after what happened to Jean. However, I think most of the blame should fall to the Phoenix as it corrupted them.

The Phoenix does not corrupt though, in it's natural state it's not even sentient, the will and passions of sentient beings drives the Force to act when it's in a host. So they corrupted the Phoenix, it simply came to Earth because Wanda upset the natural order of the universe by removing the mutant gene, the Phoenix came to do Phoenix work, how it is accomplished lies with the vessel. They decided to push their own agendas while under it's power, had they really wanted to just re-start the X-gene then that is what would have happened, turns out they wanted Utopia to cover the world and that is what was happening instead of what they Phoenix came for.

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They should all be balmed!

#11 Posted by theTimeStreamer (2845 posts) - - Show Bio

you f**k around with a cosmic entity you get the blame

#12 Posted by AgeofHurricane (7684 posts) - - Show Bio

@theTimeStreamer: 100%. So the blame now rests on the alcoholic hands of Tony Stark.

#13 Posted by theTimeStreamer (2845 posts) - - Show Bio

@AgeofHurricane: i meant cyke and the douche squad.

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@theTimeStreamer said:

@AgeofHurricane: i meant cyke and the douche squad.

Yeah, thats what happened, They willed Tony Stark to build a massive ******* cosmic laser to shoot the Phoenix and split into 5 parts for each of his tea...Oh wait...

Lets be honest, every single character in this event has been a complete Moron more or less... With the Exception of Mr. Fantastic of course

#15 Posted by theTimeStreamer (2845 posts) - - Show Bio

@chunkypack87: at least tony messed around with the PF OFF planet, unlike cyke who was waiting for the 'burn everything' cosmic entity with open arms and had unquestionable faith in a 18 year old to save his race. really smart cyke. a telepath with 4x time the XP couldnt do it but a 18 year old who isnt one can.

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@theTimeStreamer: You mean like how Jean Grey controlled it for years with no issue until someone mentally attacked her, or when Rachel Grey controlled the phoenix up until recently with no problem whatsoever?

#17 Posted by theTimeStreamer (2845 posts) - - Show Bio

@TheCrowbar: sod off. im in no mood to entertain your dellusions.

#18 Posted by TheCrowbar (4397 posts) - - Show Bio

@theTimeStreamer said:

@TheCrowbar: sod off. im in no mood to entertain your dellusions.

What? That's rather hostile. My statement is true, go look it up, Rachel control the phoenix all the way to the War of Kings event and Jean Grey lost control because Mastermind screwed with her mind. Don't believe me go at least read their pages before telling me I'm dellusionial.

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I have a feeling this will all be forgotten somehow...
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you know who is to blame, THE WRITERS!!!!!!! This is hands some of the most awful character portrayals i have read in a while regarding the X-Men. i really do think that the Phoenix could have helped mutantkind, however i do believe that being shot by Tony Starks super 'im supposed to kill the phoenix but really just f#%ked up' laser just made it mad and it used the host to corrupt them. because Jean Grey had no problem with the Phoenix until someone tried to mess with her mind. and Rachel had it an never went full on 'i'm gonna destroy everything'. i honestly believe that the avengers messed it all up by interfering with it. just my opinion

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Of course they must be responsable, but this is Marvel, in a few weeks, Namor just coul walk in the ruins of wakanda.

There are mistakes and MISTAKES, i´m tired of superheroes who can bring destruction everytime they want without consequences.

This work for both, Avengers and X-men.

Agree with everyone about this stupid saga.

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Well according to Avengers vs X-Men #12 Cyclops is certainly being held responsible by a very self righteous and pompus Captain America. Cap was in Cyclops shoes at the end of Civil War saying he was responsible, was arrested and going to be charged and was killed. When he comes back someone is needed to rebuild Shield after Norman Osborne, HAMMER and the events of Siege he gets a pardon. So he doesnt have to pay the price for his actions. I think its pretty hypocritical for him to try to take the high moral ground because minus the corrupting influence of a cosmic entity Cyclops actions are very similar to Caps. He stood up to authority for what he believed in. Given the history of human mutant relations Cyclops was certainly more justified in not wanting to hand over one of his own to government over what might happen, than Captain America was by refusing to reveal his Secret Identity.

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