matkrenz's X-23 #17 - Misadventures in Babysitting, Part 1 review

I would choose a telepath as a babysitter.

Review for X-23 #17.

Story: Laura talks to Hellion and Susan asks her to babysit her kids and wackiness ensues.

Thoughts: I cannot believe Marvel is considering cancelling this fun series. I believe this issue proves why this series is so great. We commence with Laura talking with a very angry Hellion because his life in the past couple of years has been completely horrible. He's just yelling at nothing and not facing any people in order to deal with his problems and he doesn't want to left alone so he tries to force people to stay with him but papa bear Gambit stops him. And writing a sentence papa bear Gambit is so very odd but it fits very well with his development in this series. But in the opposite side we have Laura being in this ridiculous adventure with Franklin and Valeria being taken away in the paws of a freaking dragon. I mean Liu just writes such a straight faced Valeria and I love it when people say the most preposterous of things but says it with no irony in tone. Also it's great to have Takeda on art again, I love painted style so much.

Verdict: Another solid issue of this series and I just cannot believe it is being canceled. This issue has great characterization and a really plot with beautiful art. This is a buy.


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    Synopsis: Laura + Babysitting = Things don't go as planned. What's Good? Laura, babysitting? That's got to be a joke. How can you write a story with Laura babysitting, on top of that, babysitting Sue and Reed Richards of the Future Foundation's children?! What, Spider-Man and Ben were too busy?! But you know what? Marjorie Liu makes it work. Despite what all goes on in this issue, there's a hint of humor in this issue. After all, these are Sue and Reed's kids we're talking about, and they're not...

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