slvrwolfang's X-23 #1 - The Killing Dream, Part 1 review

X-23 #1

I am going to off the bat explain why I did not give this a five.  It's the art.  In some cases character look sickly and thin while others are just out of proportion.  The coloration was wonderful, but you can only do so much with the base that's given.
I loved the story telling.  Liu was not afraid to jump in and get the ball rolling.  This issues leaves me wanting more.  She tied in Kurt's death beautifully and how it's influencing Ororo.  There's even some progress with the relationship between Hellion and Laura.  The script was well written and conveyed what needed to be said and got to the point.  Liu set the stage for events to come without limiting her options while at the same time showing the dynamics between the characters.  I enjoyed the back of the issue where Laura's story from birth to the current issue is explained from Logan's point of view.  What will really get readers however, is the ending.  You'll get to the last page and beg for more.
I have been long awaiting this issue and building up my hopes.  I was glad not to see my dreams crushed and look forward to more.


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