dark_noldor's Wolverine #303 - Back in Japan: Finale review

Another issues with ninjas!!

Aaron continues to disapoint with his run in this title, bringing up familiar themes and juggling with Loeb's mess that will be Sabretooth's return, but the fact is, amidst all the recycling and refurnished ideas, there aren't really a core in the story, no character's development and I felt Mystique and Sabretooth were totally out of character - since it's one of Aaron's last issues with Wolverine, the feeling that this whole story was meant for nothing in the continuity (if there is such a thing still in Marvel) really rings louder than the entertainment or even the recycled concepts that the writer brought up. Hey, I believe Logan and Japan are a recurrent and interesting theme, but the whole Silver Samurai thing, betrayal and the feeble ridiculous Lord Deathstrike all over again, plus the pairing of two (or more) artists are deal breakers for me. Tan's art is eclipsed by the strange and irregular style of Steve Sanders and I'm not a fan of putting two different artists in the same issue, especially when their styles are so off. Youkio on wheels and Amiko's heart crush were interesting, also Logan going berseker was great, but this saga felt erratic, with lots of changes in the creative team (it started with Adam Kubert) and Aaron didn't write a good Sabretooth, so I don't recommend this issue!

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