Check out Aztek's Vertigo round up or were not friends anymore...

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Aztek is dead on, talks about all the key stuff and never stops at going the easy way of just talking fables.  Vertigo has a long history and no one on the Vine loves VErtigo more then Aztek.  If you want to read more Vertigo and don't know where to start, read the link above.  If you don't read Vertigo, then Stop reading just Spider-Man and grow up, what? "Are you a girl or something?"  Leave that drama for your kid sister, Vertigo has mature drama from John Constantine's love life to the unsettling life of American native reserves. There has to be something for everyone at Vertigo and Aztek lays it out nicely.
You really should check it out.  If you don't read Vertigo, then may be this will help you out.  If you read some Vertigo, may be it will help you read more.  I know comics are expensive and this list may help trim some fat.  Why help the 100,000 units books if all they are are money grabs *cough* Marvel events * Cough*. You selling out those big books could help the growth of a future classic.  Do you really want to be like those guys who haven't finished Y: The Last Man, yet?  Trust me, it is always more fun being the junk on my end saying "Why haven't you read (Insert Vertigo classic) yet?  Are you a girl or something?".   With Aztek's list you can join me and be that jerk. ^_^
"So why haven't you been reading Hellblazer?  Are you a Girl or something?"....
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