battlepig's The Outsiders #39 - Who Handles the Truth? review

What is this I don't even.

Finally, it is revealed who the big bad enemy of someone is. And his agenda is... something! It's all very confusing at this point.

The Good:

  • After you've sat through this, there's only one more issue ahead of you and you've successfully survived this book.
  • It will forever serve as proof that Dan DiDio should not be left on writing duty as he managed to completely break an otherwise decent comic book within very few pages... and it all culminates here. This is Dan DiDio's magnum opus and it's a train wreck.
  • There are some characters in it that I really like. Black Lightning and Katana are awesome as characters and I like reading about them.
  • There is this odd urge to read it, I give it that. It's not the part where you think "Oh, let's see how bad this can get", but a rather bizarre sense of curiousity. I have this inexplicable need to know what happens next.

The Bad:
  • The art is a mess. Characters are as devoid of details as the ones Steve Dillon draws are.
  • As expected, the story is a complete mess as well. This Veritas shows up out of nowhere without any kind of foreshadowing, going all "It was me who held the strings all along! Harrharrharr!" before babbling random nonsense that means exactly nothing to anyone. The fun part? This will never be resolved as they only get one more issue because of the series' cancellation. And they need that issue to see everyone punch someone in the face most awesomely and then do a big hero pose to end the book with.

The Verdict.
I'll be honest. I only buy this book because I've been buying it ever since it spun out of Young Justice / Titans: Graduation Day. Now one more issue, and I can say that my collection is complete. And I don't even know why I'm still reading it. It has me coming back, but that might just be the nostalgia and me wanting to see if it can get as good as it used to be pre-Di-Dio.
Posted by The Mighty Monarch

Veritas got mentioned all the way back in #29. We saw him give Harold the horn and said hs name was Veritas. Then again we saw Harold talking to Veritas in #33. So I'd definitely say Veritas has been foreshadowed.

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