the_cyan_lantern's Invincible Iron Man #26 - Visionary Men review

More Revalations to Tony's New Plan

Summary: The Hammer Girls are get a new sale for their Detroit Steel Suit. Tony reveals a new story from his alcohol addiction days. We look back at a former Stark Industries employee to be a partner in Tony's new revolutionary plan. 

The Good:

   The Hammer girls has finally made a sale for their Detroit Steel suits but we see hints of their plan to take down Tony. To me the best part comes toward the end. We get a glimpse of the past of a former employee who created "slim phones" but was fired at showing in public. Now the employee moved on and has created a revolutionary electric car but needs the power

The Bad:

   To me this was a good issue toward a great story arc after Siege, but to me every time we see Tony we need to hear a new story of his alcoholic fueled days. This new story I thought was funny (involving the Playboy Mansion and ladies), however I think we get Tony was a mess.

Verdict: 4 out of 5

 Nice Marvel read of the week. Just need to stop hearing stories for a bit.  
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