gr2blackout's The Flash #8 - The Speed Force review

Trapped In The Speed Force.. With The Madness Of Turbine!

The Cover

Looks like Flash vs. the Tornado Man to me. The art is just amazing. But whats with the lightning stuff on Flash's costume?

The Story

It's more like one of those "Explaining Whats Going On" issues then an action-packed, full-off-battle-scenes issue. Still, awesome issue. The fight between Grodd and his dad was really cool, but kind of gross...

Turbine's a cool character, and I hope from now on they start using him more often.


Pretty cool. Not an EPIC issue, but still an awesome one!


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    Ever since I saw the Justice League episode where Flash was lost to the Speed Force after circling the world several times to gain enough momentum to take down the kryptonite powered Lex Luthor, I have been extremely interested with this mysterious force that somehow gave Barry Allen his powers. So, when I read that this issue was all about the Speed Force, I picked it up, and was so taken with this new series that I bought all the previous issues as well.While I have been a fan of the Speed For...

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