Make your own superman villain

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 I’ve been noticing the problem with superman’s stories is no one can seem to make a real threat to superman, sure there’s, darkseid, lobo, braniac, doomsday, parasite, and so on. But it would be cool, if superman had rouges gallery of say spiderman or batmans number, which will probably never happen. 
Any way can you make your own superman   Villain  someone who posses a real threat to the man of steel.

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 @jumpstart55 said:


 I’ve been noticing the problem with superman’s stories is no one can seem to make a real threat to superman, sure there’s, darkseid, lobo, braniac, doomsday, parasite, and so on. But it would be cool, if superman had rouges gallery of say spiderman or batmans number, which will probably never happen. 
Any way can you make your own superman   Villain  someone who posses a real threat to the man of steel.

Ummm... Superman Villains This sure seems a lot... Maybe not all of them are absolute threats but a lot sure are... 
I don't think I can come up with a Supervillain for Supes that's got powers that's already been made before. At least there would be a similar power or concept to it.
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@ssejllenrad: Good point. But it would be really cool to see what a fan made Superman would be like.

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Lex Luthor uses a device and transfers his mind into Mongul's body. He then kills a few Yellow Lanterns and takes their rings.
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A Darkseid avatar with each of the power rings (except white and black) which then gains a consciousness apart from the original Darkseid and takes over Apokolips. :D I'm kinda disappointed how DC hyped Mongul to have different power rings( even had concept arts for it) but he ended up with multiple yellow rings instead. Infinite Gauntlet ala-DC down the drains... Hehehe!
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The Cyborg Superman... 


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@Dracade102 said:

The Cyborg Superman... 


So Metallo on super-steroids, then?
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@InnerVenom123 said:
" @Dracade102 said:

The Cyborg Superman... 


So Metallo on super-steroids, then? "

Sort of... CS can Possess any sort of Metal, So if he combines himself with metallo, he'll kick ass Superman's ass even more than usual!!!
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Why not something completely original. 
Father Krypton, think of him as Mother Earth except he has gone MAD.  He goes around DESTROYING planets.  He attaches to a planet and begins to take it over.  Finally destroying himself which allows him to travel to different planets. 
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KryptoKnight, an alien in a high teck suit crafted using kryptonite....lets se supes beat that :P
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@Omegaman10 said:
" KryptoKnight, an alien in a high teck suit crafted using kryptonite....lets se supes beat that :P "
Supes get pwned but a Batkick will save his arse... :D
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Hmmmm @ssejllenrad: lol

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After seeing Helspont's encounter, Mongul's nerfing, & Darkseid becoming less imposing cause of Super Stu's hack writers over the years, it doesn't matter who the heck you make as a rogue for superman they might be a threat in one story then in the next be curb-stomped in less than a panel. Seriously if they want to kill a villains potential, just make him fight Superman and watch any potential wash away.

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"Rise, I have created you for one sole purpose. To destroy Superman." Then a being rises from darkness. He has blonde hair and opens his eyes to show a blood lusting red eye color. His strengths are all of superman's plus none of his weaknesses a.k.a. he absorbs red sun and gains strength from weaknesses....none. He was brought to creation none other by Lucifer himself. "I give you life, now rise my son. You have all my powers, you will need it, you will be called the Anti-Matter." "Superman has gone into a yellow sun with the intentions of absorbing its powers for over 15 thousand years. I need you to do the same inside of a red sun" After 15 thousand years superman exits the sun to kill Solaris, he has become Superman Prime One Million. Then Lucifer's son exits the red sun, however instead of gold he is as black as the soul of his father. His eyes now glow with a vibrant red of hate. He is going to be Superman's strongest and last enemy. He sores to the new krypton faster than time can comprehend. Within fractions of a second he is on krypton and has killed three of Superman's lackeys with ease. Kal-Kent came to stop the threat . "Who are you?" asked Kal-Kent. Star Destroyer smiled, then within a blink of an eye went behind Kent and with one attack Kent was killed. "STOP!!!"an all powerful voice filled the universe with its anger. Superman Prime One Million came from the sun and was standing in front of Anti-Matter. "Why are you doing this?" pleaded Superman. "I needed you here so you could watch your precious planet die." Anti-Matter then raised his hand to the ground and shot a beam that erupted in the center of the planted destroying its core. At that moment Superman knew that if he did not kill Anti-Matter soon that the universe would be reduced to nothing. They both went at each other with one punch, and the moment they made contact with the other, the galaxy imploded. Both still stand in empty space, both unharmed.

To Be Continued.......

-Written By Grimware

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LOL when I was like 13 I actually made up my own superman villan which at the time I thought was kinda cool,I'll post it for the lulz.

Krypton-Knight. (get it?)

Basically, kryptonite that has somehow been transformed into "living" energy (lets say by one of supermans sorcerer villans) and is incased in a suit of armour made out of indentifible,more than likely, magical metal armour. It (It being because its can't be called a he or she since its actually just energy) will carry a sword made out of kryptonite.The sword is magically enhanced and is impervious to being broken. The Knights mode of transport is a horse which is also kryptonite in living energy form. The horse will be able to run as well as fly at faster than light speeds (not as fast as Superman but close) and it and the knight will be mentally bonded meaning the knight will be able to give the horse commands via telepathy. The knights itself can't run or fly at FTL speeds ( he won't be able to fly period) however its reaction time will be on par with Supermans,also,since its actually nothing but living energy encased in a suit or armour, the knight will be imprevious to harm by conventional means.And of course,being too close to the Knight (or its horse) has the same effect on Superman which solid kyrptonite does,and the afromentioned magical reinforced kyrptonite sword is fatal to Superman,capable of killing him if he was to ever get impaled on it.

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@Omegaman10 said:

KryptoKnight, an alien in a high teck suit crafted using kryptonite....lets se supes beat that :P

Oh shame...only just noticed this lol guess my idea isn't that original :(

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A powefull Mage problem solved!

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There was the original Mongul, who was pretty strong. Sure there is his son, but he could be taken down by Green Lantern and Green arrow for a few minutes, so I don`t know...Although, GL is pretty tough with his ring.

I actually think that Supes has enough enemies already, and some/most of them aren`t seen enough. The same thiong with almost all the other heroes.

But, okay.

Evil supersuit of Bizarro world! A Bizarro Superman suit that tries to kill Supermans suit, because it`s its archenemy! And it`s powerful enough to give Superman a hard time! Pretty good, eh?

> D

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There is a scrapped Batman Beyond/Justice League Unlimited story arc about the son of Superman and Lashina. That could be really interesting for the JLU Beyond comic.

Anyway, I think Superman needs villains that are more deeply embedded within humanity. Someone capable of creating social and cultural change that challenge or rival Superman's ideals. And I think there's a lot of potential in Superman villain who can deconstructs some common sci-fi/comic book tropes.

For example, there are a ton of stories about aliens or time travelers who help the Nazis during WW2. But what if Superman had to deal with a time traveler who helped the Americans during WW2? What if the time traveler went back to the 30's, used future technology to super charge the economy and end the Depression, gets elected as president, defeats the Axis Powers, and takes over the world as its savior. How would Superman deal with that? What if the time traveler was actually benevolent? What if their goal was to create a better future? Would Superman fight that person to restore the original timeline?

And I think there can be Superman villains that deal a bit more with the Reed Richards Is Useless trope. We know that Superman doesn't help everyone not because he can't but because he understands that people need to be challenged in order to grow and learn. People need to face loss and pain in their lives. If Superman protects people from everything; if he prevents all struggle and conflict then he's taking away opportunities in which people can grow stronger and wiser. But what about an entire city, or a nation, or even humanity as a species? A civilization can grow stronger and wiser from pain, disaster, and war. Sure if the villain is going to destroy all life then Superman has to step in but what about conflicts that can help humanity grow? You could have a villain that Superman must deal with peripherally in terms of how he can influence the way in which people fight against the threat and the lessons they take away from the struggle.

In fact, the basic premise of Superman Returns had the potential to create a really interesting story. Superman leaves or disappears for a certain number of years and discovers what the world has been able to achieve in his absence. They could have really explored both the positives and negatives of Superman and his absence. What if the world still managed to defeat all those super villains in Superman's absence that while at a great cost, ended up making humanity stronger? Many people perished in the battle against the likes of Atomic Skull, Intergang, Cyborg Superman, Brainiac, etc., but human civilization as a whole was made stronger in the struggle.

The technology of these super villains were captured and reverse engineered, leading to amazing scientific breakthroughs. More effective deterrents were created to combat such threats that also led to stronger infrastructure, more efficient emergency services, and better defenses against natural disasters. A greater sense of solidarity was born out of the desire for mutual defense against such global threats as different nations and different cultures had to learn to work together to protect the earth.

Humanity as a whole may have become harsher and less forgiving but it is also stronger, wiser, more advanced, and more mature. And it wouldn't be about humanity needing or not needing Superman but more of how Superman has to deal with humanity on a different level.

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Yuri Glasnost is a non-fiction writer who researches into history and contemporary politics; he's about breaking in behind the lies and revealing the truth to the public. He's just after the truth, that's all. In the DC Universe, despite the aliens and the obvious science trappings, he's fascinated by the presence of magical beings and has spent his time trying to reveal it to the people in an accessible and truthful way, removing the wool hoisted over their eyes and scientifically analysing magic. It doesn't quite work so well and in one of his investigations a Lovecraftian-scale entity called the Konaka escapes, inhabits the telecommunications network and attempts to elevate humanity's consciousness into a state beyond reality so that it can gorge itself on their imaginative potential. Superman only just defeats the Konaka, but he takes up residence inside of Glasnost's mind. His mind can't take that sort of being and melts away, turning him into a husk animated by the Konaka's will, driven to revenge against Superman and hosting an array of dark magical powers. He hides behind his facade as still being Yuri Glasnost, but the Konaka seeks nothing more than to strip Superman bare before the public and reveal the quivering wreck he really is, destroying humanity's faith in him and allowing him to concentrate once again on the elevation of the human consciousness beyond reality and feast.

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