duo_forbidden's Star Wars: Legacy #42 - Divided Loyalties review

Who is the traitor?

A traitor is hiding on the Alliance.

While Admiral Stazi is willing to ally himself with the Empire, he's willing to work with the Jedi as well. Sigel Dare is sent by Emperor Fel to retrieve Treis Sinde from Dac. I can't say that care for Sigel Dare. while her duty is to serve the Emperor, she doesn't see the huge situations at hand making her sometimes oblivious. I was expecting to see a story that revolve around a traitor on the Rebellion side in Legacy, and this issue presents the situation. It was pretty obvious on who it was, but it was handled very well. Jhoram Bey plays a major role as well throught this issue as Admiral Stazi new right hand man.

Chris Scalf provides a wonderful cover art. Dave Ross returns as a guest artist who hasn't been seen since Trust arc. Character designs are wonderful to look at and on par with Jan Duursema.

The Jedi don't make a huge impact than what was to be expected. They fade away in the background throughout this issue.

Having a traitor is one thing, but the idea of having the Sith Empire tracking the frequency on the main flagship The Alliance, to set up ambushes seem hard to believe. I mean, given all the time the Rebellion took to take the Stardestroyer a while back, you'd think that they would have changed the frequencies as soon as obtain it.   

Overall: Not a bad issue overall. A lot better than the last issue. Finally Cade returns in the next issue in the new story arc: Monsters.

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