Video Show-off for fans of Sinestro and the Sinestro Corp event.

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After making a handful of decent videos for Youtube, it was common that I started getting requests for several villains. But I shunned myself from doing requests because of how some characters were a bit difficult to shine in the light. Meaning the first request video I did (Venom), I felt that it didn't turn out very well and trying to meet somebody's expectations was something very challenging for me. What's really bad is when I have to drop videos because of how they didn't turn out so well, and most of those videos were requests. 
But even though I still get requests, I'm surprised as to how I'm getting constant requests for Sinestro.  
At first I never knew a damn thing about the Green Lantern villain until his EPIC appearance within The Sinestro Corp event. For a long time I wanted to do Sinestro, and show why he's loved by so many. It was after reading the entire Sinestro Corp storyline, where I had the idea of making not only a video review of Sinestro, but a 3-part video review of the Sinestro Corp event plus two additional villains. 
This is the first part of the Sinestro Corp, starring Sinestro.  
I hope you enjoy and thankyou for watching.  
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Another terrific video. You are always teaching me something new. I'll be looking forward to part 2.

Thank you!

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