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Review: Sectret Avengers 12

Steve Rogers delves into the mind of John Steele to discover secrets about the Shadow Council.

The Good

I've loving the backtracking of Captain America (Steve Rogers) and John Steele's histories from World War II. It's incredibly interesting stuff, and once again, Ed Brubaker has a winner on his hand. While this book's stories have been a bit flat, this last two parter has been an amazing amount of fun. I really didn't like the Shadow Council stuff at first, but it's grown on me, a little too much. This book is teetering into the world of crazy conspiracy theories that all happen to be true, and I love it.

I've really been enjoying the art of Will Conrad and Mike Deodato in this series. I'm usually a big fan of more stylized artwork, but if all artwork looked like this, I'd be happier than a pig in something pigs like to hang out it. It's incredibly detailed and it just feels right.

The Bad

I felt like I had read this issue before. It felt a little too familiar to me. I'm not sure if that's really a bad thing, but it did bug me quite a bit.

The Verdict

A really solid issue that's a lot of fun, has great artwork, and leads into a new story arc that has a 99.9% chance of being incredibly awesome. Brubaker's writing really stands out in this issue, but it never overshadows the art work. For me, this is where Steve Rogers needs to be, the leader of a secret ops team. I've been enjoying the John Steele character, and I'd love to see him join this team eventually. Overall, I highly recommend this issue and this book.
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Posted by B'Town

I can't believe this is on issue 12 already, I am so far behind on my stack and with all the great commentary I have been reading on this book I had better get caught up.  

Thanks for the review Mat.
Posted by longbowhunter

This issue more than any previous one dealt the most with Prince of Orphans. I really like this character and hope Nick Spencer uses him some after he takes over for Brubaker. Great issue!!
Posted by CraigWayne



So I take it Spencer is not going to use Deodato when Brubaker leaves?

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