So...where is she NOW?

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With the conclusion of the Ravager co-feature in the Teen Titans, where is Rose now in the comic book universe? I only freaking buy Teen Titans to read about Rose and now I don't know what to get D: .....HALP!

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@Crazy Pan: That was my reason too, and getting the MILESTONE tie-in (Static returning to Dakota and all...). You forget that after the Ravager Co-Feature that she went looking for her father in the Teen Titans BLACKEST NIGHT TIE-IN, where it's set after the co-feature. AFTER battling the DEAD WILSONS and Jericho joining his father, Ravager went to look for her mother because she did not appear as a Black Lantern...
Also....for TITANS - VILLAINS FOR HIRE, I bet that she'll be back to take on her father and his new A-TEAM......but maybe with some back-up of some kind....
(I personally think that she should find a way to resurrect Kid Devil from the dead using some-sort-of black magic....)
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@AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge: I guess you're right. And I agree about Eddie. They should resurrect him and she and him should have little abomination children :|.....YES.
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She was at Lian's funeral. And she's also shown on art released yesterday for future Teen Titans issues. She could be appearing as soon as 88.

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At the end of Blackest Night, she mentioned an interest in looking for her mother.  Since Lilian Worth wasn't resurrected by a black lantern ring, Rose concluded that she must still be alive somewhere.
However, Rose isn't able to factor in the full range of reactions that individuals across the planet were having with their Black Lantern foes.  The dead who were at peace, for example, couldn't be re-animated.  Likewise, living individuals who were able to part peacefully with the dead were rendered invisible to Black Lanterns.

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@Treyvoni said:
" She was at Lian's funeral. And she's also shown on art released yesterday for future Teen Titans issues. She could be appearing as soon as 88. "
Do you have a scan of that? What comic was that in specifically? I wanna go buy it lol.
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She will return to the Teen Titans.
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@Crazy Pan: 
Lian's funeral was Rise of Arsenal 2. There are scans up at scans_daily on dreamwidth, but for Ravager's entire scene, you should buy the comic.
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JT Krul is taking over Teen Titans, starting with issue #88. Ravager will be on th team, along with Superboy, Wonder Girl, Raven, Beast Boy, Kid Flash and possibly Damian.

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I'd like to see Ravager become part of the core team since she's such a conflicted and dark character, i.e. interesting XD.  She's not all bad but she's not a girlscout either, which is refreshing :D

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J.T. Krul's Teen Titans will have Ravager has a least that's what I figure since they've shown her in the art work for the upcoming issues

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@Crazy Pan: lol :P

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