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Worlds' Finest #0 - Beginnings Review


Finally, the story Huntress and Power Girl fans have been waiting for has arrived.

Some spoilers below, you've been warned.

The Good

Why can't the WORLD'S FINEST series be more like what we saw in WORLD'S FINEST #0? What a fantastic issue and a great introduction into the world of EARTH 2 Huntress and Power Girl. Ever since we saw the release of the HUNTRESS mini last year by Paul Levitz we've been wondering what the deal was with Helena Wayne. What is her backstory? Who is she really? Levitz takes this opportunity to dive into unfamiliar territory, revealing the story behind the Huntress and how she came to be, and explaining how she once had a very loving family. I absolutely loved the scenes where Helena was being trained by her mother, they were really special and conveyed a lot of emotion -- and that's something I think Levitz did really fairly well in this issue. He was able to capture a lot of feeling in many of his panels, particularly when dealing with Helena's backstory. Most of the dialogue didn't feel at all forced -- the emotion felt real. Helena's reaction to one really brutal scene felt real and believable, making this an even more enjoyable read.

Can I just say I absolutely loved the full page of bickering between Catwoman and Batman? And the side commentary from Helena? Brilliant.

The Bad

The majority of the dialogue was really good, until you reach the last page and it just feels incredibly rushed and a little bit corny. Particularly that last line. I like the fact that it serves to wrap up the issue and gives this self contained story a conclusion, tying it into the rest of the series, but to me it still felt a little bit forced.

Some of the art (I can't tell if it was the colors) wasn't very flattering. The panels where Superman is speaking to Kara just looked very strange to me. I think, artistically, the only page that really stood out to me was the moment where Kara saves Huntress -- I thought that the expression on both girls faces, the shading -- all of it was done really well. I can't really say the same for the rest of the issue, however.

The Verdict

I love the idea that true friendship can be born out of really horrible circumstances and I would have liked to see more of that. If anything, this story could have extended into a three issue series rather than a focused, self-contained book. It would have made a great three issue arc. In the beginning of the book we get a true sense of who Helena is and where she comes from through her parents. Then, after tragedy hits, we rush into her first meeting with Kara. Rather than having the two characters rush into a friendship, I would have liked to see them get to know each other. The reality is, you don't just instantly become friends with someone, something like that takes a lithe bit more time. That's why I felt that this issue ended so abruptly when it could have been drawn out. The relationships could have been explored further.

So much could have been explored here. For instance, Helena lost her mom, how did that make her feel? I mean, that's a really big loss. And what is Bruce's justification for allowing Helena to continue fighting crime after seeing his wife die such a tragic death? Particularly when he seemed so against the idea initially.

We also get this great mention of Lois Lane and a moment where Kara reflects on the events that Helena has endured and draws a comparison -- she too, lost her "mother" in the death of Lois Lane, and their relationship is definitely something worth exploring.

I really felt that the stories that could come out of this issue are far more interesting than any story we have seen in this series so far. Honestly, these are the stories that fans of these characters really want to see. I would love to see more of this, and less of the fighting giant blog looking monsters off the coast of Japan. Just saying.

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Posted by pspin

I agree with everything except the art, I liked it. The parenting scene was one of the funniest Batman scenes ever, absolutely hilarious

Posted by RedQueen

Finally! I've been waiting for an emotion focused issue since this started. Ideally, I too would have liked leas fighting giant monsters and more of this. Definitely a missed opportunity in the last 4 issues and glad it was explored here.

Posted by SolthesunGod

@pspin said:

I agree with everything except the art, I liked it. The parenting scene was one of the funniest Batman scenes ever, absolutely hilarious

Ditto. For me it wasn't even the last page just that last panel which was cringe worthy otherwise I thought this was a great self contained issue.

Posted by pspin

@SolthesunGod: Yeah Power Girl looks wasted

Posted by Dernman

Still don't like this series and I doubt I ever will really. Saying that I really did like this issue. Hopefully they will do more flashbacks.

Posted by danhimself

this and Earth 2 #0 just makes me want more issues focusing on what happened before Earth 0 #1....also I like that Helena's Huntress suit is pretty much her mother's suit with a cape

Posted by JayMar89

This issue was really good hope the rest the series moving forward is good as this i think this issue might be better than earth 2 #0

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

I tried reading issue1 and 2 of world finest- I could barely finish them its so dull.

Posted by Mbecks14

Earth 2 Lois Lane and Catwoman get Fridged.

sigh ;_;

Posted by ahgunsillyo

@Mbecks14 said:

Earth 2 Lois Lane and Catwoman get Fridged.

sigh ;_;

Dude, everybody in Earth 2 got fridged.

Posted by Mbecks14

@ahgunsillyo: True. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern's Boyfriend...

That universe is dangerous!

Posted by SolthesunGod

@pspin: I thought the art was fine. It was just the dialogue. Reminded me of this.

Edited by Zoch81

I enjoyed this issue and liked seeing beginning of friendship between Kara and Helena was great overall thought was a good issue.

Posted by Wowlock

Well...this makes me wonder even more about how Helena will react to New Earth's Selina and Bruce.... I mean she had such a relationship with her mother...there must be something in the future. As for Power Girl... She is more ''resistant'' to emotional pain I guess as Helena looks more devastated when she lost her parents while Kara looked more 'stoic'. Super-family still getting into shape in the new 52 and it might take a while for Power Girl to get into the action.

P.S : You gotta love the parenting interaction between Selina/Bruce. I can't help but fee Selina's death mirroer Jason Todd a little as Batman was also late...only difference was that Apokolipswas involved rather than The Joker. But you are right as the emotions could've been delwed a bit more but because of thepage restriction , I think , they couln'd give us those moments fully and had to ''cut to the chase''.

Overall : It was a solid issue and what fans wanted to see. Hope we can see more of it , or something in the same sense , in the future chapters.

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

I could not agree with you more, up until this, not a single issue of this series was remotely interesting. It wasn't flat out awful, but I constantly felt like I was just going through the motions as I read it, but THIS issue hit me right in the heart.

Posted by venomoushatred1001

No boob hole, eh?

*Leaves thread*

Posted by DocFishstick

i almost picked it up but passed. so it looks like i will have to go and pick it up.

Posted by KnightRise

I like to think that Kara and Helena thought about using the identities of Supergirl and Robin (or Catwoman), respectively, only to find out that the identities were already taken

Posted by Whitedog

I really liked it, agree the last panel was cheese, but loved a lot of the rest.

Preferred the art to normal and the writing shows the series 'can' be very good, so I'll be sticking with it and hopefully it'll become what it should be, now the very average monster tale is all done.