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Red Hood and the Outlaws #10 - Star Light, Star Bright--First Star I kill Tonight!; Better to Burn Out-Than to Rage Away Review


Jason Todd, Starfire and Roy Harper are going in a new direction. They're going up as in into outer space. Lobdell and Rocafort are taking the trio somewhere they haven't been. Or at least somewhere two of them haven't been before.

The Good

From the very first pages we see subtle touches that show us the characters aren't as shallow as many would like to assume they are. Many objected to Starfire and Roy's hook up in the first issue but we see there is a little more to that encounter. Jason also gets a little more humanizing as we see him actually follow through with a situation that came up in an earlier issue (hint, it had to do with when he was on a plane trip).

The focus in this issue is Starfire. More and more I'm reminded why I enjoyed her character in the early days of the NEW TEEN TITANS. Lobdell is showing that she is more than what she appears to be. When a situation involving her home world arises, it's the chance to see her take charge as well as for Jason and Roy to find themselves pulled into being a 'team.' We know they've never officially declared themselves an actual team but they can't help but be there for each other when needed. This is what makes reading this series so enjoyable. They might never admit it but there is a bond they cannot ignore.

I also have to say that seeing Kori in her leadership role is pretty amazing. Critics of the earlier issues might be pretty surprised that her command outfit consists of being fully clothed. But seeing how easily and comfortably she takes command over the situation is clear evidence that she is not a brainless tart just meant to be eye candy for readers.

Those wanting to see more of Essence of the Untitled are in for a treat as well.

The Bad

The story with Jason, Kori and Roy isn't a full-length feature. It's only 14 pages and we have a six page back up with Essence. If it was mentioned that this was going to be the case, I missed it (I often try to avoid solicit info so I can be surprised when reading the issues). I am curious to see where the Essence story will go but I'm reading this series for Jason, Kori and Roy. If Rocafort needed time or something and could only do 14 pages here, I can accept and understand that. It's just unfortunate to not get a complete issue when the page count has already been reduced to twenty pages of content.

The Verdict

Get ready for Red Hood and the Outlaws to go out in space. Despite Starfire's background, this isn't something I expected to see the series to do. It's great in that it completely changes the pace and direction of the title. It also gives Starfire a chance to really kick butt and take charge of the situation that is calling her off Earth. Lobdell continues to build up this cast of misfits and shows us there is more to them than we thought we knew. They have formed a bond and they might not be completely aware how strong it is themselves. Rocafort does a great job giving us the pretty visuals but unfortunately this story only lasts fourteen pages. We get a pretty cool six page back up that is setting up delivering more information on what Essence has been up to and how it might possibly affect the Outlaws in future issues. I enjoy reading this series each month but I could do without a reduction in the main story just to get more on a minor character. It feels like it's going to be a long month in waiting for the next issue.

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Posted by Twentyfive

So, am I the only one who wants more members of the team? BTW, great review. Will get.

Posted by Imagine_Man15

I love this series so much, one of my favorites of the New 52. I wish so many people wouldn't have gotten hung up on Starfire's portrayal in the first issue, because this is definitely something more people should be reading.

Posted by Inverno

The cover remind me of Mass Effect for some reason.

Posted by Ganthetsward20

I havent read the issue yet but plan on picking it up tomorrow. Love that there is a back up on Essence in this issue but I hope it wont happen often as I really enjoy full length stuff on our group here. I really enjoy Rocafort's art. Hope that we get a new member to the team soon.

Posted by zackattack529

this series is OK..but why is it categorized in the bat titles. this should most definitely be in the edge or young justice titles.

this is far away as a bat title as you can get lol just saying. especially when it was part of the night of the owls. i felt like his this titles presence was unnecessary at least in the last issue of batman and robin he has a valid presence being he used to be one of the robins and answered the call.

this is just my opinion..i know everyone on Comicvine always disagrees with me lol

Edited by Webjaker

After issue #1 - I swore i wouldn't read this crap. But then told us that it keeps getting better and to try it again to I read #1 again and caught up to #9 and have to admit Im liking it and interested where they'll take it. Glad Starfire has a personality now

-yes, you are

Posted by BlackArmor

It's sad that people still judge the whole series based on issue 1. The books much more than that

Posted by thenexusrebound


That is my feeling exactly. Yes, the first issue she was shown in an odd light, but you see this Kori still loves her friends dearly. I hope they get more team members as the story goes along. It will be great to see Jason grow to be a leader with his own style.

Posted by pspin

I love this series, it has a great blend of action and dry humor. The fact that it is getting better and better is just icing on the cake.

@zackattack529: I think it is a bat title because there is nowhere else to put it. It might not be the best fit relative to the rest of the bat titles but it would be worse everywhere else.

Posted by The Stegman

Starfire looks sexier on that cover than ever before

Posted by Mercy_


Posted by zachkastner

That girl Jason was on his date with got to steal the show with her side banter as Kori turned up her badassery and took the invasion situation by the balls. Very cool all around.

I'm glad each female presence has a distinct and solid voice here. It was nice to have an issue where the girls just showed everyone what was up. Now, Scott needs to make the next arc about Roy so we can see him come face to face with Green Arrow and then Jason could threaten Roy's old mentor. Bam, make it so. :D

Edited by Dernman

I feel I have been waiting for this arc for so long and it's looking like it wont disappoint. They should rename it Starfire and the Outlaws. Heh Kidding. I was hoping they would forget about Essence and the Untitled. I didn't like that part of the series.  Anyway best issue so far. Stincks that so many people had to make pop judgments and make a big thing out of issue one.

Posted by Outside_85

I dont know it just feels kinda jarring that the series is chasing monsters as old as time in one month and WHAM it's headed off into space with little to no warning it was heading there, to me it feels a little like Lobdell isn't quite sure where he actually wants to go with this book (ofc space is an eventuality with Kory around, but I sorta missed the whole conclusion to the Untitled part with the book was bogged down with the flashback issue and Night of Owls tie in). Like back in the olden and golden days of NTT we usually had that last page that announced that a space mission was coming up with shady figure promising doom and darkness to come and usually Blackfire would step out in the last panel, here; ape drops out of the sky on page 1, page 3 and you're in space. All i'm saying.

Posted by wessaari


Posted by mfundo

@The Stegman: Agreed.

Posted by sethysquare

Im glad Red Hood and the Outlaws is getting such great reviews. I'll be avoiding reading anything until friday!

Posted by JohnnyGat

I'm still curious on how Crux will tie in with the Outlaws. I mean didn't they mention how he's going to be the 4th member, but so far we all know that he's just been put in the sidelines. Are they still planning on using the guy or has the idea been scrapped.

Posted by circusrock

Love this book and hope that Roy gets an arc after Starfire's. I wasn't a fan of the Essence back-up but I am curious about The Untitled & her origins.

Posted by sentryman555

I've really been enjoying this series! I'm glad Starfire is getting this chance to shine to once and for all put an end to all the people still crying over the first issue. I was surprised to see the Essence back up story but I liked her character. I think she can become a really interesting character if she's written the right way.

Posted by thatlad

@Twentyfive said:

So, am I the only one who wants more members of the team? BTW, great review. Will get.

Yes I think you are, there's a wealth of character development between these three, so far we've only delved into Jason. Kori's turn now and Roy should be next, then a big storyline. Once we're at that point new characters would be a good idea

Frustrated with DC for chopping this down to 14 pages, this book seems short normally by reducing it with a backup it's just going to be pointless

Posted by Twentyfive

@thatlad: Not going to lie. I only read the first few issues. Well, the way you put the layout of the story, I'm liking it. Sorry about the page reduction.

Posted by jsphsmth

I have been excited about this arc since I first read the solict months ago. Think that the concept of Jason and Roy in space is an amzing idea. Cannot wait to see how Kori will shine as she drives this arc. Cannot wait to pick it up.

Posted by Danial79

Looooooooove this title. As bummed as I was that it was shortened in length, I do like Essence so it was good to see she's not out of the picture. Even though I love the "team" as it is, I wouldn't be adverse to seeing her join the team.

Posted by IronAngelX

I have stopped buying comics digitally and I hate myself for it but when I am buying both digital and print, it gets expensive so I stick with just print, books smell better anyways. But I loved Red Hood and the Outlaws, it would be interesting to see other characters guest in these issues but I never want this team to be added to, then it'll start feeling too much like an Marvel story (not that there's anything wrong with that I just like DC's style to remain). I will say that I am a little upset that Lobo made an appearance in Deathstroke instead of this because I thought it would be an awesome collision seeing Hood vs Lobo. anyways, I can't wait to read this book!

Posted by gabisalamoni

I really despised what Lobdell had done with Starfire in the first issues (and I'm not only talking abou sex, but erasing her whole personality), but it seems that in the last issues she is finally developing, and I'm gettin' to see my fav DC superheroine again (apart from the fact that I LOVE Jason and Roy). Really looking forward to see how BLACKFIRE coming back to her life will affect the character.

But I agree with when he says that things went a little (or a lot) too fast. Probably because of the shortened number of pages, which I think sucks, cause 20 already is a low number.

Posted by fodigg

@G-Man said:

The Good

From the very first pages we see subtle touches that show us the characters aren't as shallow as many would like to assume they are. Many objected to Starfire and Roy's hook up in the first issue but we see there is a little more to that encounter.

Yeah, if he's still having to defend that decision 10 issues in, I think that's as good as admitting it was a poorly handled first issue.

Posted by wessaari

heres the deal, this wasnt in response to the first issue. this was suppose to happen

Posted by wessaari

ya he will. lobdell said in an interview that he will be back around issue 16 and actually appreciates what jason did, and ends up helping the outlaws. i think that is better than having him as a 4th member cause i doubt starfire and roy will be so merciful