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Doctor Who Special 2013 #1 - The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who Review


The Doctor comes to our universe and wins second place in a cosplay contest

The Good

The Doctor and his trusty TARDIS comes to Earth... our Earth. The Doctor discovers he's famous here and everyone knows about his adventures.

This is an insanely fun issue, and that's for sure. Writer Paul Cornell keeps this super-sized issue fun and actually gets a few chuckles out of me, like when the Doctor wins second place at a cosplay contest or when applause confuses the single Cyberman on Earth. What really makes this a great issue is the fact it doesn't go where you'd think it go. It doesn't get caught up, too much, in this life or death story. It's really just about the Doctor discovering the fan worship for him on our Earth, while getting close to someone who loves the show. Sure, there's a little Cyberman action here, but the heart of this book isn't about that.

This is a big issue. It comes out to 40 pages, so it's about double the size of your standard comic, but the best part is that it doesn't really feel long. The story has a great flow to it, and by the time it wraps up, you'll wish there was more.

There's something that's kind of touched on here that needs more delving into. The Doctor has come to Earth and realizes all of his stories have been made into a fictional series. This includes his current journey to Earth, which is the episode Matt Smith is currently filming during this adventure. Does that mean Steven Moffat has some sort of connection to the Doctor's universe? Is Steven Moffat some sort of god? I know it's really out there, but this is a story idea that Cornell grazed over that should really be explored more. How does a normal man get the idea for the true Doctor's stories? Normally, this is something I'd lean more towards putting in the bad section of a review, but Cornell does a really great job at giving the reader a taste of these ideas, but sticking to his guns with this main story. This is a place I'd love for Cornell to visit again though.

The Bad

This is really a book for Doctor Who fans. Random folks picking this up won't pick up on the inside jokes and little nuances Cornell throws into this issue. You also have to be caught up on Doctor Who news, as well, to catch on to a few little things in here, like who is playing the incarnation of the Doctor.

The girl, in this story, doesn't have a name. Her name is never mentioned when they meet, and I didn't seem to notice it throughout the book. It bugged me a great deal, especially in the opening greeting where The Doctor introduces himself to her and she says nothing back.

The Verdict

This DOCTOR WHO SPECIAL is a book for Doctor Who fans and no one else. That sounds mean and cruel, and it's not supposed to come off that way, but it's true. Fans of the series will love this 2013 Special. It's really a love letter to the fans and the series. In fact, it's one of the more fun issues of DOCTOR WHO I've read since IDW recently relaunched it. There's not a lot of books coming out this week; however, if you have some extra cash or you're a Doctor Who fan, you really should pick this book up. It's a ton of fun.

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Posted by Lvenger

Wait so Steven Moffat is some kind of God now? Oh now that's a scary thought.

Posted by Smart_Dork_Dude

This was a fun comic alright.


This song is ending.......................... But the story never ends............................ Farewell 11............. The Doctor that truly made me a Whovian.

Posted by scouts1998

I am now buying this now.

Posted by Digifiend

Should be noted, that this is IDW's Doctor Who swansong. They've lost their publishing licence.

Edited by The Poet

I need to pick this up when I'm next at my comic book store...

Should be noted, that this is IDW's Doctor Who swansong. They've lost their publishing licence.

We haven't heard anything in regards to the future, correct? no word / whispers on what publisher has won the rights (or who could win the rights)? I hadn't heard anything and I figured it was too early to tell, but I thought it would hurt to ask even just to hear speculation...

Posted by Emperormeister734

It's been fun Matt Smith

Posted by wundagoreborn

Should be noted, that this is IDW's Doctor Who swansong. They've lost their publishing licence.

Well, that would explain why it's written to insiders. It's a shame to see it go. IDW has been doing very cool stuff with many of their licensed properties like Star Trek and X-Files.