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He is back... again the return of Mitch Shelly.

The "Dark" stuff of the DCU's 52 is a neat way of saying "New Vertigo" and that is what this series is, it is part of "new Vertigo" and Vertigo was a line of comics when they pushed the literature level of comics.   Comics as literature is interesting because the understanding of the Sequential Art is not just limited to the page layouts and how the pictures lay together, but it also deals with hues of colors and shades, visual homages and other semiotics.
A problem this comic suffers from is that I believe it depends too much on the reader knowing Resurrection Man's histroy, I don't recall a single time his full name of Mitch Shelly is used.  This comic has a lot of mystery and that mystery might want a reader to continue on monthly, but I don't think the hook ends strong enough for a casual 52 reader to continue on with it.
I did love the tone and mood of the book, I felt it worked for the darker story.  I normally like these types of horror stories, but I don't think Andy Lanning and Dan Abnett fleshed out the universe enough for me to want to read it monthly, even if I see the potential of John Constantine coming in the mix.  Don't ask how I see that, I just do.
This is one of the 52 books I am sure would make a nice trade read, but not a monthly.  It really doesn't sink its teeth deep enough for monthly commitment. 
- Silkcuts

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