Her eyes?

#1 Posted by Invisible_Witch (339 posts) - - Show Bio

could someone tell me what color are they eyes? brown,blue purple ?

#2 Posted by Invisible_Witch (339 posts) - - Show Bio


#3 Posted by John Valentine (16446 posts) - - Show Bio

Violet in her Asian body, blue in her English body.

#4 Posted by Morpheus_ (29910 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd actually say it varies depending on the colorist, but Marvel lists it as purple.

#5 Posted by Invisible_Witch (339 posts) - - Show Bio

purple eyes & black hair = sexy... thank you John & Morp

#6 Posted by Thunderscream (2077 posts) - - Show Bio

They were blue in her British bod, purple when she had the cybernetic ones and SHOULD be brown in Kwannon's body....but colorists seem to prefer blue or purple anyway :p

#7 Posted by ragdollpurps (16848 posts) - - Show Bio

Colorists still tend to depict them as being blue, if they're colored at all.

#8 Posted by AutodidacticLad (41 posts) - - Show Bio

This is just my assumption, but in my mind Spiral permanently changed her hair and eyes to purple during the body switch mess. I guess it made more sense to me than Psylocke constantly dyeing her hair to hide the roots! Seems out of character...

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