What are her feats?

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What are they?

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@daak1212: Heather is an Avengers member (reserved status), former Defender and currently a member of the GotG (Guardians of the Galaxy) Numerous feats include:

  • Pre Mind Gem Heather

Psionically holding the whole planet of the Ba-Bani race under mind control using only her powerful telepathy; the Ba-Bani being a warlike alien race.

Controlling Thor by sheer psionic will to do her bidding, even to the point of making him fall in love with her.

Manipulated Iron Man and Namor to fight each other.

Mindwiping Drax The Destroyer, also killing him (temporarily) via psionic blast.

Fighting and taking down Mantis h2h with a a mantis death grip, the same move that Mantis took down Nuklo with. Heather is regarded as one of the top martial artists in the MU, usually said to be better than most Earth fighters. (though she doesn't have many feats in that category)

Trained Hellcat in martial arts.

Temporarily gave Daredevil sight using a pressure point technique.

Managed to enter through and read Korvac's mind in the Korvac saga. Has done the same to Galactus.

Held her own in a mental battle with Doctor Strange. (Strange won however)

Held her own in a mental battle with Thanos.

  • Mind Gem powered Heather

The Mind Gem vastly increased her already impressive abilities, allowing her to enter and contact any and all minds in the universe, and control them absolutely as she did in the Infinity Crusade.

Stomped Captain America in a fight h2h.

  • Post Mind Gem

Taught Genis-Vell how to better control his cosmic awareness and powers.

Since Annihilation though, she's kind of been on the lower end of battle feats and more written as a love story item for Phyla-Vell the 4th Captain Marvel. Hasn't really did anything notable since the Thanos Imperative arc.

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