The Residents Of Fortress X: Spoiler Warning

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This Post Contains Spoilers

Like any good murder mystery, the Age of X has been laying down plenty of clues for us to follow.  Many of which, we've picked up on (like the incarcerated & neutralised telepaths, and nothing appearing on Pryde's camera).  However, it wasn't until reading the most recent X-Commincated with Mike Carey that I realised we'd missed something.  Something that should have been so screaminginly obvious.  I (for one) dismissed this as one of those 'artistic interpretation' type moments.

Who Are They...?
There are two types of residents on Fortress X:
  • The first are the mutants we know & love from regular continuity.  
  • The others are strange & weird looking folks who never seem to go out on the battlefield (but like to be seen in & around the Fortress).

Here's the specific passage that caught my eye:
Last time, we talked about some of the strange and anomalous beings that were popping up around the Fortress. Here, at the top of the page, we see them again, but this is the first time we've seen them interact with anybody. It's interesting that they're interacting with Legion, a character who, in the main Marvel reality of Earth 616, is known for his mental illness and his vast psionic powers.

You could certainly read something into that if you want to. And certainly there are some connections that some readers are drawing. I'd rather not comment on them, though. The obvious point is -- alongside the costumed mutants we know and love -- there's a second population in Fortress X who may or may not be familiar from a different context.

Speaking of mental illness and mental powers, what do we know about the "Age of X" version of Legion? Does he have the same mental problems and powers as his 616 counterpart?

We don't see him having specific mental problems -- or hear them referred to at any point. We've seen Legion as someone who's able to deal with the world on his own terms, is very confident and together, and is not seemingly traumatized or incapacitated by mental illness. That doesn't mean he's 100 percent mentally sound, but certainly if he has problems, they're minor compared to the problems he has in the 616 continuity.

Also, we've only seen him use one power set, which is telekinesis. He uses that to help with the building of the force wall. If there is to more him it has yet to be revealed. If there isn't, well, maybe Legion's additional powers were actually triggered by his personality breakdown. A sane Legion might be a lot less powerful. But having said that, in regular continuity the power of telekinesis was very definitely and explicitly something that belonged to one of Legion's sub-personalities -- Jack Wayne -- not to David Haller himself.

In the middle portion of the page, you highlight Legion's relationship with Moira MacTaggart. Last time we spoke, you mentioned how in the 616 reality Moira was an early mother figure for Legion. I also recall that in a recent storyline, Moira was the name of a doll that allowed one of the many personalities that inhabit Legion's psyche to take control of his physical body.

That's right. It was in Zeb Wells' first "New Mutants" arc. We saw that the Moira doll became a kind of switching mechanism, allowing one of his personalities at a time direct access to Legion's body. It's at least possible that the name of the doll derived from Moira MacTaggert in the first place.

It seems that this isn't the first time we've seen some of these 'people' before.  

Who's Back There...?
Go back through the first few issues of Zeb Wells' New Mutants.  It's possible to spot most of the Motley Crew who surround the Moonstar Cadre...

New Mutants #23
This wouldn't be the first time that the personalities from inside Legion's mind have manifested outside of his body.  They managed it the first time he died.  Excalibur had to fight the dispossessed spirits.  But Legion is still alive, so what happened?

Having gone back & re-read X-Men Legacy #244 Blindfold barged in to Legion's mind while looking for the thing that was 'hiding' from her.  It seems that Blindfold didn't have a chance to look around as Professor X was offended by her intrusion.  So she left asap, leaving Dr Nemesis & the Cuckoos to operate on Legion's psyche.  We know that Dr Nemesis was studying someone's mind when something drastic happened, as that's how Legacy & Gambit found him.  Is it therefore possible that something went wrong therefore allowing the residents of Legion's mind to escape & take up residence in 'Fortress X'?

 'Morrie' or 'Moira'
Mr Carey also referred to the doll that the personalities used to control Legion's body.  Marci called it Morrie by mistake, but the doll's real name was Moira.  Has the doll somehow become another personality?  

Ultimately, I'm more concerned about the appearance of the gentleman in the top hat, the fat clown & the man stood behind Moonstar in the overcoat.  These three in particular were chopped up by Magik.  

So how did they survive being dissected?   Worse yet... the man in the overcoat shares a striking resemblance to that of the dangerous telekinetic Jack Wayne:

 Jack's Back...?
So... what do you think??
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The second I read the first sentence it all clicked.
The random people in the fortress are his alternate personalities. That's why we have a gnome and all the random looking people. Including the big blueish gray guy with the funky tentacle hair that is an exact match to his alternate personality. It all makes sense now.

  • There was a cover that the shadow figure, that would be Legion.
  • Isolating the psychics, psychics are Legions down fall and were the ones trying to keep him in check.
  • Who else has the powers to put everything outside the Fortress into a box

Major win for XK for putting it together first
#2 Posted by Mercy_ (92685 posts) - - Show Bio seems really obvious at this point lol. Great job and once again, another awesome write-up. Somebody's been a busy bee ;)

#3 Posted by Ahmed Sherif (262 posts) - - Show Bio

Could it possibly be Legion behind all of this?


#4 Posted by BKole (499 posts) - - Show Bio

Pretty much clocked this the first time I saw the crazy random assortment of characters floating around. Someone took the universe and put it in a box...Legion could probably do that. Or rather, legion could put them in his universe and put that in a box.

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@Ahmed Sherif: That's pretty much it ;)

@BKole: You recognised that all the weird residents straight away?  Impressive... You should have said who they were...
#6 Posted by BKole (499 posts) - - Show Bio
@xerox-kitty: Ha. I would have said to someone but I didn't know anyone to say it too. Plus, I couldn't have said it as eloquently as you put in your above post!

My brain is full of useless piece of information and guess work like this. Sadly, it doesn't pay me money so I have to pretend to be interested in something else instead.
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I knew something was funny when the tentacled haired fella called David Legion. Nobody else called him Legion up until then. Now that I take a closer look at the people in the background how dumb I must feel. It's so obvious. Everything seems to have been flipped inside out.

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He was actually called Legion by Magnus in chapter three I believe

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Knew it already.

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Slap in the face for papad!! I should have seen that coming... I noticed all of these weird predators lurking around, I just didn't put it together!!! I like the gnome, great touch! :P
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@John Valentine said:
" Knew it already. "
I don't mean that it's Legion  I meant that the weird people that have been seen previously.  They're not just 'artistic interpretation' or a Grant Morrison-esque mutant community, but are characters who really have been seen before.  I didn't even realise that the man in the padded coat was Jack Wayne until I started comparing issues.
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@jordama said:



He was actually called Legion by Magnus in chapter three I believe

Hm, you're right. I missed that. Now I feel doubly stupid,
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I thought the reveal of what exactly was going on in Chapter 5 was pretty damned good. I was scared it was going to have to do with Scarlet Witch again or something utterly ridiculous. Here's my review of chapter 5:
Grizzly Bomb: Age of X Chapter 5 (Spoilers too)

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@Iron_Lad: A lot of people did

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