crimsonavenger's Nightwing #1 - Welcome to Gotham review

Hoped it was going to be better

Anyone else think this suit is kind of ugly?

I honestly can say I was disappointed to hear that Dick was giving up the mantle of Batman and returning to being Nightwing and while I started reading comics when Dick became Batman, I am not in the slightest bit disappointed that he returned to his roots and went back to being who really is. The story is that while Dick finds that Haley's Circus is back in Gotham for the first time since the murder of his parents, Dick finds that somebody is out to kill him as Dick Grayson for some reason. At the beginning it is clearly explained by Dick why he chose to go back to Nightwing. Because Bruce came back and returned to being Batman, Dick felt that he no longer needed to wear the cowl and could finally really be the hero he was meant to be. He obviously learned much during his time as Batman and got to see Gotham in a way he never saw it before, he just knew it was time.

Kyle Higgins does a good job at successfully making Dick Nightwing again. The story he came up with though, leaves much to be desired. I was hoping for something a little more interesting than some hired killer sent to murder Dick Grayson but having Haley's Circus return Gotham was a neat idea; especially now that Dick has returned as Nightwing. Artist Eddy Barrow's work however is much better. He gives Dick a lot of acrobatic stuff to do and really shows us some exciting scenes with Dick just doing acrobatics. I don't quite understand the decision by either him or Colorist Rod Reis to make Dick costume have red instead of blue but It actually doesn't look bad even if I can't understand exactly why they felt to change the color.

I like seeing Dick as Nightwing again but I just don't like the story in this book so far. I'll definitely continue to read this but I just hope it does get better I have no complaints for the Art Department except for the bizarre color change on Dick's costume. I was expecting more from and didn't get a sense of that. It's good but it just lacks an interesting story for Dick to handle as Nightwing.3/5 Stars

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