the difference between the Green Lantern titles...?

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I've never been a big fan of Green Lantern, but maybe it's because i've only read stuff featuring Hal and don't really like his character all that much...

I was thinking of giving one of the current titles a go, maybe picking up one of the 1st N52 trades coming out.

I get the difference between Green Lantern and Red Lanterns.

But what's the difference between Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps and New Guardians?

what's the better of the 3? and what separates them from each other? (i haven't liked what i've seen of red lanterns so i'll give that a miss)

thanks :)

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Green Lantern is mainly Hal Jordan's title. Green Lantern Corps focuses more on the military side of being a Green Lantern, and stars John Stewart and Guy Gardner. New Guardians is Kyle Rayner having to work with members of the different colored lantern corps.

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The best series out of all of them is probably Green Lantern, but I personally no longer care much for it. You can skip Green Lantern Corps and Red Lanterns (with RL being the worst of the 4), New Guardians is alright but it's better if you're a Kyle Rayner fan...

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@The_Tree: @mr.obvious: thanks for the replies :)

the green lantern i like most is probably john stewart, it seems to me though that none of the green lantern titles right now are perfect...

new guardians does seem the most interesting, though i've never read anything with kyle in so not sure about his character.

still unsure, looks like i'll have to do a bit more research before laying down monies!

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I would recommend New Guardians if you are more interested in the bigger scale of the Lantern Universe. Yeah, Kyle is the main green lantern, but it has a heavy focus on all the other corps as well. It's also the only one to feature Larfleeze in any form if you're a fan of him.

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Well if you are a new GL reader I would recommend green lantern corps most of all, it show cases some cool members and the stories don;t require much prior knowledge (character dynamics are improved though with knowledge).

New Guardians features all the other corps but is the weakest of the three titles.

Plain ol' Green Lantern is a really strong title, though only if you've read the previous 67 issues, as the new 52 is just a continuation as to what came before, so you should pick up Corps and work from there, it's a consistently good title.

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@NewKid: all the GL titles are good. even green lantern , it may be "Hal's" book but it has sinestro (big time enemy) as a member of the corps and dragging Hal around (literally) . if u are looking to see a varied form of the GL books u might want to read green lantern corps as its (and part of the appeal) more of a intergalactic army/police story rather than a superhero book.the new guardians shows the other corpsmen teaming up , pretty cool to see the other abilities join together. the red lanterns carry out a punisher-like form of justice where they kill their enemies starts off slow but it gets better. in all honesty none of these books are really new reader friendly, but they are fun to read .

if you want to read up on the other corps or background info , i would read up on or blackest night . /blackest-night/39-55766/

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@SoA: @MrArrogant:

thanks very much, this was really helpful, corps seems the most suited to my tastes, so think i may give that a go :D

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October is going to be a good month for GL fans, as there is a line-wide crossover that will include the all-new GL. "Rise of theThird Army"

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Whoever said that GL is Hal's book better step aside, because here comes Baz! UHOH!

Red Lantern Hal FTW

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I'm jus focusing mainly on the main GL title and New Guardians. Only during "The Rise of the Third Army" was when I would catch up on the later issues of RL and GLC; and to only just focus on those two GL series through The New 52 rather than all four is more money being saved rather than spent.

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