Little help with the Green Lantern history

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So I only have really read Green Lantern from Rebirth, to Recharge, and so on and so forth (along with the JLA book which featured Kyle and part time Stewart) but something that has always confused me was how Kyle recreated the corps. I understand he was feeling lost on earth and went into space to do his thing and Ganthet told him to find Hal's body along the way but what happened inbetween/during that? Like how did John get his ring back and wasn't he paralyzed before that? How did Kilowag get a ring also? And how were there so many guardians to reclaim the old role? I thought Hal had killed them all (save papa ganthet). Or did they go back to their original planet and recruit more guardians? Any help filling in these gaps would be awesome, thanks!

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I believe at the end of the story arc when Kyle got the power of ION he put almost of his godlike power into the battery and recreated the Guardians (although they started as babies and were both males and females) Ganthet then promised to raise them for Kyle who then went back to normal Green Lantern power

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