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...to Batman v Superman do you think would satisfy both fan bases?

As a Superman fan, will you walk out in disgust, if Batman gives superman a beating like TDKR?

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I, as a Batman fan, frankly don't give a crap and think people are incredibly overreacting about who should win.

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Why are people so blatantly obsessed with these two fighting?

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It's simple, don't have them fight. Either way, no one would be happy if they do fight. Either batfans get pissy because batgod lost or the general audience's suspension of disbelief and their opinion of Superman is broken if Superman has his ass handed to him by a normal guy.

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Why are people so blatantly obsessed with these two fighting?

Because this is a guaranteed way to make angry at least half the viewers.....isn't that what DC and WB are doing these days?

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Why do people expect them to fight to the point of there being a winner? I'd wager that they will start off at odds with one another, but they'll be on the same side by the end. They're not going to fight it out until just one is left standing.

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Avengers managed it pretty well, having heroes fighting without a clear winner being decided. When Iron Man and Cap fought Thor, they all stopped after a certain point; audiences get the fights, fans don't get "dissed". Same with Thor vs Hulk on the helicarrier, no clearly defined winner. IF - I say again, IF - Supes and Bats duke it out, there should either be no clearly defined winner.... or if they have balls, should show how clearly, easily and undisputedly Superman would wreck Batman.

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None at all.

"This should have happened"

"No cause this"



And the flames continue. I'm no exception, I simply realize the pattern I'm following.

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Why are people so blatantly obsessed with these two fighting?

Because its what the film is being sold on, hence the quote from TDKR on the comic con announcement?

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I really, really doubt that there will be TDKR-like fight with the same outcome.

That would be countproductive to the purpose of the film – to bring as much money to WB and DC as possible. Big part of box office success comes from fans that go to see the film several times.

If Batman indeed would beat Supes to the TDKR degree – Superman’s fans wouldn’t spend much money on several visits to cinema, and vice versa.

I think that it would be basically repetition of Faora vs Superman fight. Before MoS were released there were rumors that Faora would trounce Supes just like Doomsday did and that he should be happy to stay alive. What we got – nothing that bad, except incredibly awesome fight.

Quote on Comicon were just piar move, to increase the hype (at least in my opinion).

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I would much prefer another team up book...as a big fan of both characters, the rivalry between the two fan bases has pissed me off lately.