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I went to Western Michigan University last year for my first year of college and felt like I didn't want to be there because of the classes I was taking. I had been involved in music which I loved and thought that it was the only reason I stayed second semester. I originally auditioned for the school of music there and was on the waiting list until about two weeks before school started, but turned it down because my dad had always given me the feeling that I would never get a "supporting job" as a vocal performer. I had then decided to be a Special Education Major and disliked the classes I had to take. My high school director for vocal jazz liked to pick favorites and was kind of a bully to me which lead to lack of motivation in music throughout my freshman year of high school. So after my first year of college, I decided to come back home and figure out from there what to do. My mom then lead me to believe that going to Northeastern Illinois University was the right place and... it wasn't. After a few days there I dropped and switched to community college where I feel like I am just learning general education stuff that gives me no interest at all. I then realized that I must combine my interests of video games, music, voice over work, video games, and to explore careers that involved all of those things. A week later I visited Tribeca Flashpoint Academy where I loved the idea of internships being involved with a two-year education program and gain an Associate's Degree within their Audio Engineering program. This gave me a great outlook where I could eventually get an internship with Disney Interactive and hopefully have a dream job as a voice actor that also works behind the scenes. When my mom and I brought up Tribeca Flashpoint Academy to my dad, he made jokes about it and didn't really give positive feedback. Today I am typing this in my sociology class and really just want to know if I am thinking about the right decisions considering Tribeca is $25,000/yr and it is only for 2 years. I really just want to not care what my dad thinks and do what I want, but it is hard when my parents are the financial providers. What do I do? Do I lull on like a mindless zombie and continue with these draining classes at community college? or do I go to Tribeca Flashpoint in the fall and get a job after 2 years of schooling?

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Forget about what your parents think and do what you think will get you your dream job.