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Ok, So......who else loves Supernatural????? It is like one of the best shows out there and this may be a total flop but I'm starting a fan base on Comicvine........nobody might join but who cares.


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i love it an watch it when i catch it but ill be getting the first season soon so yay for me

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omg I can't wait to get the first season and the second season dvd comes out sometime in the fall i think!!!!

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I find it hard to believe there isnt more Supernatural fans on this site. That car is sick.

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watched it from time to time, wouldn't consider myself a massive fan hough


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I used to be until I moved and no longer get the WB.

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The cart is frickin' awesome.......they only had one werewolf episode.......that's one thing im dissapointed on.......but anyone who's seen know its a very.....umm....what's the word.....Steamy episode lol

Sam+werewolf=good episode

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i think there should be a Supernatural the movie. it'd be really cool
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supernatural dosent need a  movie its already sweet
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a movie would probably just duch up a grate TV series.   Any way then we would have to pay to see what you can watch for free.