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Whos fav character from comics

Whos fav character from anime/manga

Green lantern hal jordan

Ichigo kurosaki

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Captain Marvel(Shazam)


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I honestly don't know who my favorite comic book character is. It varies.

But my favorite anime character - now that is an easy choice:

Lelouch vi Britannia

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@jedixman: YESSS!! LELOUUUUCH!!! Still no Creed Diskenth, though :P. Creed is just OP as f*ck in a contained sort of way.

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Martian Manhunter

Can't choose between Rock Lee and Might Guy

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My favorite comicbook character kinda changes a lot, but for right now it's Ultimate Peter Parker.

As for manga, without a doubt Light Yagami, he's one of the most complex and interesting protaganists I've ever seen in a manga. At first he's just a normal high school student. He has a strong sense of justice and is bored with the way the world is, he sees mankind as regressing due to constant criminal activities and wars. He then gets the power to kill people with the Death Note and uses it to kill criminals, to make the world a better place. We see that he already has a superiority complex, he believes only he can cleanse the world. The series goes on and he becomes more and more corrupt, more insane due to being pushed intellectually by L. Finally the madness breaks in the last chapter/episode and Light Yagami is no more, only Kira remains.

What drew me to Light was the fact that he was both a protagonist and antagonist. Like Walter White from Breaking Bad, or Dexter from...Dexter, he was a murderer, but we saw the world through his eyes, thus, we can relate to him, even cheer him on, even if he has very few redeeming qualities, I mean the dude is a manipulative, lying, sociopath, killer, yet I found myself hoping he would win, I even smiled a bit when he killed L.

Praise Kira, the God of the new world!

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Favorite Comic Character is Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier)

Favorite Anime Character is a three way tie between Ghost in The Shell's Major Kusanagi, Batou, & then Kakashi from Naruto.

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I think I've said Vegeta before, but really, it's these two guys:

Credit goes to mikemaluk on deviantart

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Favorite Anime Character : Kenshiro

Favorite Comic Book Character : Batman

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Batman and Kakashi

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Hmm...I really don't have a favorite anime character. Maybe Tatsuhiro from Welcome to the NHK. It's the only anime I've really gotten into and watched in its entirety.

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John Constantine
Monkey D. Luffy

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The Incredible Hulk for comics.

With anime and manga it varies, right now it's either Mizore Shirayuki or Takumi Nishijo.

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Batman and Vegeta.

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Spider-man, Nova (Richard Rider) and the Flash (Wally West...Barry Allen creeping up though)

And ill go with vegeta for the manga.

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Favourite comic character: Changes constantly but Wonder Woman, Jean Grey, Carol Danvers, Supergirl, X-23, Kitty Pryde all make the cut.

Favourite Anime: Always thought Rukia (Bleach) was an awesome character.

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Doctor Doom


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peter parker [pre quesada]

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Favorite Comic Bock Character:

J Jonna Jamison

Favorite Anime Character:

Lelouch Vi Britannia

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comic wonderwoman anime kakashi

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Martian Manhunter


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I dont watch all that much anime anymore and barely remember the ones ive watched in the past. But the first two that comes to mind are Carmille from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, or maybe the Motoko chick from Ghost In A Shell.

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Ichigo Kurosaki- Bleach

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Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier)

Ghost in The Shell Motoko Kusanagi

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Edward Elric

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