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Poll: The greatest hero in Marvel? (31 votes)

Wolverine 0%
Captain America 45%
Spider-Man 42%
Storm 6%
Thor 6%
Iron Man 0%
Hulk 0%
#1 Posted by TheManInTheShoe (3878 posts) - - Show Bio

Could've gotten more to choose from, but Cap out of these.

#2 Edited by Battle_Forum_Junkie (8057 posts) - - Show Bio

Marvel's greatest will always be Spider-Man.

But, I've always liked Captain America more.

#3 Posted by The Stegman (24635 posts) - - Show Bio

Spider-Man, he's the perfect hero.

#4 Edited by DigbyKong (300 posts) - - Show Bio

Blue Marvel if given the chance.

#5 Posted by Black_Claw (2996 posts) - - Show Bio

Spider Man. Hands down.

#6 Posted by spidermonkey2099 (615 posts) - - Show Bio

Definitely Spidey.

#7 Posted by RedLantern23 (884 posts) - - Show Bio

Storm is an odd nomination.

Regardless, i choose Spidey

#8 Posted by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub (5080 posts) - - Show Bio

Spidey hands down. Runner up goes to Cap

#9 Edited by PrinceIMC (5422 posts) - - Show Bio

Within the universe: Captain America. From us as readers: Spider-Man.

#10 Posted by Immortal777 (7624 posts) - - Show Bio

Most would say Spider-man but I think Cap would be Marvel's best since he does a heck of a lot more for the world than Spider-man. Cap also inspires other heroes in Marvel including Spider-man.

#11 Edited by KnightRise (4785 posts) - - Show Bio

Within the universe: Captain America. From us as readers: Spider-Man.

This. Except the part where he sold his marriage.

#12 Edited by DeathSamurai (537 posts) - - Show Bio

Captain America always

#13 Posted by russellmania77 (15512 posts) - - Show Bio

Captain America should be winning. He is the only one from the golden age

#14 Posted by cloudzackvincent (1028 posts) - - Show Bio

Captain America...

ok Marvel fans clarify something for me... when Cap first appeared he was punching Hitler's face right... so i guess he is from the war era. But as far as i know (which isn't much, as i barely read marvel), Marvel's first characters 'The Fantastic Four' debuted in the 60s.. so ,what gives?

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Capt. character he been kinda douchey these last few year

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