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recently in comics we have seen some horendous and some things that most children shouldn't see in Marvel and DC Comics

this is for a research paper i'm doing for school and i would like as many people as you can to comment on this please.

thank you to everyone who replies in advance.

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@3d_dedrick: I think it really depends on what comics the children are reading. The age ratings on the covers would probably be helpful in deciding what to buy.

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Depends on what you are comfortable letting your children read and what they're comfortable reading.

It greatly varies.

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There are some pretty horrific comics out there that are clearly too graphic for children, as far as mainstream comics (mostly from marvel and DC) you don't see as many titles (outside of maybe wolverine, punisher or MAX titles) that are overly graphic. The non-marvel/dc comics definitely take it to a new level (such as Hack/Slash, the Crossed, Invincible, Luthor Strode) but those books are not meant for children (to be honest comics in general aren't really for kids.)

They have children friendly versions of certain characters for real young kids, because beyond just the pretty pictures most main-stream comics deal with concepts far beyond what most younger children can even grasp at.

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(to be honest comics in general aren't really for kids.)

what? 0.0

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Well it depends on weather or not the comic is geared towards kids. besides, some of these cartoons today have crude humour and suggestive themes. A lot of kids these days buy comics that are well above their age and if they are shocked or even traumatized by what they find, it is the fault of the clerks who sell it and the parents who buy it. I remember seeing Terminator 2 when I was 10 and I had nightmares for weeks.

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Depends on the book. Some aren't afraid to put gore in, while others are blood free. Kids just need supervision of what they buy.

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Most comics arent intended for children and can be either to hard for them to understand or contain to much graphic content for them to read. Even some comics from characters like superman and spiderman are to "mature" for children

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I believe that sometimes yes they are, especially when suggestions off sex and violence are topped off with a lot of bad language. However, just like with many video games, if not more so, comics make violence more artificial and therefore not to be taken seriously, to the point where only adults and older children that have gathered empathy for established characters would ever truly be hurt by any violent content!

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Superman isn't that bad so far. Batman on the other hand...well two words. Faceless. Joker.

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Definitely. I mean a majority of the comics could be read by children, but there are many *cough* Luther Strode *cough* that shouldn't be read by kids...