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Who do you like more?Why?

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I prefer Aquaman. He has been my favorite superhero since I was a kid and my parents got me the Aquaman short series Super Powers Collection from 1985. I grew up near the water and had a fascination with marine biology and the ocean. Aquaman was just the most interesting superhero to me, because he pertains to my interests.

I am also pretty big into mythology and the ancient world, and Aquaman happens to slip right into that category as well. Atlantis and the various kingdoms of the seas are extremely interesting to me.

I love Barry and Wally for their personalities, and their powers interest me, but they don't really have anything in their mythos that draw me to their stories.

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Both in my top 5. Both awesome characters. Both awesome wives. Both awesome nemesis.

Arthur edges.

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Both good

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Aquaman. Flash is alright as a character (never got the power set appeal) but he doesn't interest me like Aquaman.